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Response to Sam Adams' JTTF Proposal

A clear analysis of major problems in Mayor Sam Adams' JTTF proposal.

The draft JTTF resolution does a very good job trying to balance the interests of FBI with local interests in the abstract given that proposal choses to entangle the PPB with the JTTF once again. It is a really tremendous first effort and shows its roots in the diversity, creativity and populism of Portland and the Mayor's office. Certainly, a proposal not to coordinate with the JTTF except to receive information would be the more wise choice for safety and privacy of our citizens. Notwithstanding the poor choice to engage with the JTTF at all, there are several fatal flaws in the proposal as it stands which will ultimately fail again to protect the civil rights and liberties of Portland and Oregon citizens. Unfortunately, the proposal in its current form amounts to a return to business as usual for the PPB and JTTF. This draft is just the a kinder, gentler Old Emperor in new clothes that are not so transparent.

Link to Draft Resolution

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