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Hillary Clinton Flies To Fukushima To Fix Everything

Let me tell you a little secret: Hillary Clinton cannot do shit in Japan. Japan is the third or fourth largest nuclear power (about equal with China) on earth. Not only that; Japan is technologically beyond what most people can imagine. Most importantly, it has the option of siding either with the Eastern Powers or the Western Powers. Nobody can mess with Japan (except China it gets very tricky here).
The government of Japan has, predictably, been beyond idiotic in handling the Fukushima tragedy. I used to work for the Japan's biggest trading company (I was doing electronic communications work). I have also worked in many aspects of nuclear energy electronics. I promise you, the Fukushima disaster is earth shattering. They have three runaway reactors that have distinct, yet unmanageable situations. It is now almost certain that the many cores of all three have mostly crumbled to the bottom of their containment vessels. The obvious result will be that they heat up to the point where their concrete containment vessels will turn to "sand" and crumble. Even if this does not eventually happen, they have already suffered internal explosions (hydrogen/oxygen, or small criticality events) that have belched large quantities of radioactive plutonium, cesium, strontium, iodine, etc. into the skies. Add water, and their lethal, but non-chain-reactive fast neutrons become moderated, slow neutrons, which promote more criticality (chain reaction). One of these could even simply explode, rather violently. So there is no saving this situation. Millions will die all over the earth because of this.


The Secretary of Slut Hillary is probably there because someone needs to "explain" why the U.S. has decided to pull (very approximately, if we read between the lines) 10,000 U.S. Marines out of the most southern part of Japan, Okinawa, to Guam, which is 1,500 miles away. And she doesn't care about the troops all that much. So this is bad. See:


I have old friends in Japan. This sucks so much.

General Electric designed these reactors with the assumption that such a melt-down could never happen. Many thousands of fuel rods were to be stored right above the reactor vessels. You can bet there is no boron at the the bottoms of the vessels to control criticality events if the cores crumble. You can bet that the digital chips in the control systems were not heavily shielded from radiation (so we cannot trust data from the thermocouple temperature sensors in the containment vessels, for example).

But well established legal bullshit decrees that "equipment suppliers" cannot be held liable for anything at all. For God's sake, boycott everything connected with GE!!!