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A.L.F. Prisoner Walter Bond Arrives in a Utah Jail

After weeks in transit, Walter Bond arrives in a Utah jail to face arson charges

From Voice of the Voiceless

Walter Bond arrives in Utah to face more charges for A.L.F. arsons

After receiving a five-year sentence for burning down the Sheepskin Factory store in Denver, Walter Bond arrived in Utah last week to face more charges for arsons claimed by the Animal Liberation Front.


Bond spent weeks in transit. As reported on Green is the New Red, much of this this time Bond spent in solitary, classified as part of a "security threat group". Bond spent time at jails in Oklahoma and Nevada, before arriving last week in Farmington, Utah. He is being held at the same jail where A.L.F. prisoners Alex Hall and William Viehl spent most of their imprisonment.

The charges

The second set of arson charges stem from two Animal Liberation Front arsons in the Salt Lake City area - Tiburon (foie gras restaurant), and the Tandy Leather Factory. Both businesses were set on fire in overnight actions, and later claimed by the "A.L.F. Lone Wolf".

Bond has been charged with arson and Animal Enterprise Terrorism charges for both A.L.F. actions. He has pleaded not guilty.

Good News

The good news: Bond has been appointed a judge, and it is NOT the Utah judge who sentenced ALF prisoners William Viehl and Alex Hall to exorbitant sentences that were over four times the sentence called for by the prosecutor. That judge (Dee Benson) displayed a clear disdain for animal liberation activity, as evidenced by his extreme sentences, comments made in the courtroom, and rumors of his ties to the fur industry.

Walter Bond's trial is scheduled for June.

- Peter Young

Write Walter Bond a letter of support:

Davis County Jail
Walter Bond 2011-03339
PO Box 130
Farmington UT 84025-0130

Visit the Support Walter site

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