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Open Letter to the Bible Burners

Unless this is a hoax, it is equally boring and horrible.
Sorry, but this is obviously f'ing terrible. I am as atheist (and anarchist) and un-PC as they come, but there is something called human decency that we're overlooking here. Religion is important to (admittedly sillyheaded) people, many of whom are good decent human beings, not to mention friends and family members of all of us heathens. Why grossly offend them for no gain? So they believe in magic. Are we going to start singling out every unfortunate schmuck that believes in God or astrology or alternative medicine for public harassment?

I'm not saying that we should treat religious folks with kid gloves or favor them in any way. But why be so dramatically obnoxious towards them? Its retarded when christian kooks burn Ozzy Osbourn records, and this is equally retarded.

When christians make public threats or horrible aggressive gestures towards women or arabs, etc., I am up in arms cursing them. You jerks get the same treatment. Where does it end? Burning crosses? Messing with synagogues? Outlawing Falun Gong? Throwing paint on chicks in burkas?

Blanket intolerance is justified when an entire group of people is an actual threat to everyone else. But this is rarely the case. My mom and dad are christian, and I can tell you that they'd hold the door open for you even with your weird dreadlocks and even though you ride a single speed "track" bike with neon rims. Yes, their religion is dumb. Yes, their religion is kind of harmful to them. But they never went out of their way to shit on your fair trade vegan birthday cake. Return the tact.

When the catholic church starts owning land and having a say in national politics again, I'll debate you on the merits of being mean to religious people. I might even start listening to obscure Norwegian heavy metal bands.

But until then: piss off, nerds.

Hail Satan,

ah, the good old days 28.Apr.2011 09:09

the colonial whisperer

Burning the bible is not the question. The question is, when will the outhouse come back into