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Bible Bonfire THIS Sunday

This Easter Sunday April 24th a collective of anti-christians, proud Heathens, activist Atheists, & others will gather to protest christian terrorism & punish christians by burning christian holy bibles. This direct action is set to take place at the South Park blocks in Portland, OR. All are welcomed to attend, as this will be a public event. You're welcomed to bring bibles & other christian paraphernalia to burn, if you choose. This will be a fun event & families are encouraged to attend, as well.
Official press release:

On Easter Sunday April 24th 2011 we will conduct a public burning of Christian holy bibles in the city of Portland, OR. This is a public event that shall take place at an [as yet] to be determined location. It will occur in Portland. This shall be officially regarded as a protest action. This is also a chance for intelligent citizens to practice their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. The exact time has yet to be determined, but tentatively should take place in the early afternoon - at the height of local church services. We also plan to burn various other Christian publications as well as crosses & paraphernalia. Further details to be announced in the coming days.

We feel that Christians are vile, degenerate, truly loathsome human beings. We feel that the Christian religion is a violent, hateful, terrorist religion. The Christian holy bible is filled with inexcusable promotions for infanticide, adultery, grotesque & bizarre murder, racism, xenophobia, suicide, bestiality, misogyny, incest, child rape, morbid sexual violence, slavery, genocide, & unimaginable human rights violations. It is a proven fact that prolonged exposure to the contents of this "holy" book have resulted in delusions, bouts of schizophrenia, hysteria, partial or complete mental detachment, & violent antisocial behavior & even homicidal tendencies. Furthermore, many political & religious tyrants as well as out-right psychopaths throughout history have used the Christian holy bible as "divine" justification for carrying out the most horrendous atrocities in recorded history. Even right now, our nation is slowly being destroyed from the inside by bloodthristy, self-destructive Christians. Everyone speaks of the fact that America has it's first black (bi-racial) president & desires for the first female president in the somewhat near future. Yet, the prospects for the first ATHEIST president to preside over a truly secular nation dictated by common sense & reason seem an impossibly distant fantasy. Christians have protected status in this country. They brazenly violate the separation of state & church, are openly racist, & are free to break the laws of this country so long as they claim "religious freedom". Christians are a pox & a menace. They cower behind their holy bible & forcefully impose their sick behavior upon innocent people. For all these reasons, we declare the Christian holy bible to be the most dangerous text in the world. Therefore, it's destruction by fire is not only called for, but a just & moral cause. We hope to encourage many individuals around the world to collectively take part in bible burnings on Sunday April 24th. This is a just cause & we know that we are right in this direct action. We are doing this, in order to punish Christians for their countless crimes against all of humanity. We are doing this for the sake of humanity.

- (A)nonymous Sectarian Atheist

homepage: homepage: http://www.facebook.com/AnonymousSectarianAtheist

just sayin 19.Apr.2011 16:13

joe anybody

so much to do that is important - this wont be one of them

time 19.Apr.2011 16:34


Ya'll don't give a time

I Agree With Joe Anybody 19.Apr.2011 17:03


Burning holy books is just stupid. It won't hurt the feelings of the mostly corrupt preachers at all. It will just disturb the innocent followers, and bear negative results.

Just make damn sure there are no dollar bills stuck in those books. Burning money is a federal crime.

o.k. 19.Apr.2011 18:25


I couldn't really care one way or another, but don't make this about "the good for all humanity." For every back woods hick with a double digit i.q. who used the bible as a rational for pimping out his 12 year old daughter there was a Good Catholic who put his ass out there to save Jews and Queers and Gypsys during the holocaust. This isn't revolutionary, it's just angry emo bullshit.

Are They Going To Burn A Talmud? Or A Bhagavad-Gita? 19.Apr.2011 19:13


Why not?

I'm bring dreams of my father and earth in the balance 19.Apr.2011 19:23


maybe a copy of fahrenheit 911 just to be fair. I found one in the dud bin for a $1..

what have you learned from history? 19.Apr.2011 19:28


Wherever they burn books they will also, in the end, burn human beings.

~Heinrich Heine, Almansor, 1823

 link to www.mut-gegen-rechte-gewalt.de

If you're looking for shock value... 19.Apr.2011 19:48


...then you must burn the quran. Most Christians and Jews will just shrug it off as a stupid prank, but muslims will burn down the state.

We Are Going To Burn A Talmud - And A Bhagavad-Gita 19.Apr.2011 20:16


That should put a flame up the nether-hind of the Puritanical New England in which we live.

It's Massachusetts. Not all that different from Oregon.

Except we are Puritans, so the process proceeds a bit more slowly...

Oh, and unless you didn't catch the late news: Facebook is a religion. An agent of the Sith Lords, by the way.

Don't Waste Energy 19.Apr.2011 21:10


Use it for:

Toilet Paper

shred it for insulation

Use it for kindling

Bury it to sequester carbon

LET'S BURN MONEY TOO! 19.Apr.2011 21:15

just for the lolz

I mean, why not right? Capitalism is a total bummer.

I want to burn some money, I hate the religion of capitalism and decadent material pursuits.

This is gonna be a big bonfire! I hope there aren't any riot police?

Not just bibles, but mostly. 20.Apr.2011 10:53


Actually, we will be permitting the burning of ALL religious texts.

history lesson 20.Apr.2011 13:28


"Wherever they burn books they will also, in the end, burn human beings."

About that, we're glad you brought this up. If our actions result in a mass of christian lunatics going ape-shit and wiping each other out - then that would be find by us as well. Afterall, christians, and just religious people in general but ESPECIALLY christians, are very predicable.

Besides, it was CHRISTIANS who started burning people (on stakes, in ovens, etc.) in the first place, les you forget your history.


You're in such good company with your book burning 21.Apr.2011 17:52

K. Diller

Sounds Like Projection To Me. 21.Apr.2011 22:32

Liberty's Reaper chuckb_yah@yahoo.com

Damn. You're one sick freak.

Seek professional help.

Books to Blaze 22.Apr.2011 13:12


Here is a small pile of dangerous holy books and propaganda we've complied thus far. We hope to obtian more items by Sunday.