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SF Homes Not Jails: Empty Apartment Building Occupied in Housing Action

Squatter's group Homes Not Jails took over a large long vacant apartment building at the corner of Divisadero and O'Farrell, off Geary, in San Francisco on April 11th. The building is owned by Kaiser Permanente, the HMO empire whose hospitals dominate the medical landscape across California.

Kaiser Permanente made more than $40 billion over the past two years, with over $2 billion in profits each year. But it let an apartment building in San Francisco sit empty for years after evicting the families who lived there. Homes Not Jails took over the building and opened it up for people to live in. On the front of the building a large banner proclaimed, "Kaiser Thrives, People Die." Supporters chanted, "No More Vacancies, Occupy Everything!" and "Food Not Bombs, Homes Not Jails!"

"The fact that anyone is homeless in a city with so many vacancies is a crime," one supporter in front of the building called out. "This is a situation we will resolve." Kaiser called the police to evict the demonstrators, then boarded up the building the next day.

video + photos:  http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/04/14/18677182.php