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Higher Learning: Pigs commander PCC campus

This incident took place on Friday April 15th at about 4:45pm on PCC cascade campus. I'm reporting what i witnessed.
The campus of Portland Community College Cascade became an occupied police zone momentarily, when nearly two dozen cops swarmed upon TWO black young people on Friday April 15th 2011. The police over-reaction took place at around 4:45pm. I witnessed the entire incident and was able to take these photos, including a rare sighting of a BLACK Portland cop. He's approximately one of 5 black officers in all of the 900+ Portland Police Gestapo (PPG). This also includes Police Union Boss/token Daryl "Tom" Turner. This was only as close as i was able to get, as cops were threatening citizens with arrest if they did not "keep a far-enough distance". Who's streets? Apparently, these pigs are under the assumption that it's their streets. Two young black males, possibly minors, were apprehended on the campus. I witnessed one of the young men being kicked by a cop right before he violently threw the young man to the sidewalk. The other youth was roughed up before being hand-cuffed. Both were taken away as many cops, assisted by campus security/fake cops, searched for some sort of paraphernalia. They maintained an over-bearing presence and just intimidated citizens in general.

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citizen copwatch 17.Apr.2011 15:12


Thanks for posting your information
And taking the pictures
Being a witness and letting the cops know "YOU ARE WATCHING" {We Are Watching}

Were those 'bad guys' really "bad guys"?
WE don't know

By keeping an eye on the police, and documenting their actions we can legally trump their corruption
{Copwatching} Is a community service that we as a society all benefit tremendously from

Keeping their actions accountable
Filming them for evidence and record is paramount

We are everywhere