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VIDEO: new york city cops hassle cyclist; arrest black man as he walks by

From the video at gawker.com: "While it's still, obviously, legal to watch cops ticket a cyclist for riding his bike on the sidewalk, we recommend not cracking any jokes—even at the cyclist's expense—because then you might get arrested. As this gentleman learned."

film the police for justice 16.Apr.2011 16:40

Joe Anybody

POWER TO THE PEOPLE ..... it was all on film

This would be the cops word against the arrested mans word


It was all on video

Thank God

This is obviously ... as to who was in the wrong

What a waste of NY city (sic) resources.... the police screw up on Camera!!!


I wonder how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ this will cost the NY city (police) due to their stupidity

Very very ..unprofessional.... and an ABUSE of their authority

Film The Police - Demand Justice & Accountability

Film the Police - Help Keep Them Honest

Its come down to "make the cops accountable" 16.Apr.2011 18:21


it has obvious come to the time when We The People ... need to FILM THE POLICE....To......

Keep them HONEST

I hate to say it... its sad to admit

But the abuse of authority by many (not all) has been allowed for too long.

The fact of the matter is "The Tide Is Turning" by citizens turning on the camera and documenting "their behavior to the citizens who pay their wages"

If the camera filming them doesn't "keep them inline" - the courts will

The good ole days bully-cop-party is over - Smile for the Camera

this is what the army calls psyops (psychological warfare) 17.Apr.2011 14:48


@Joe Anybody ... you wrote:

> Very very ..unprofessional.... and an ABUSE of their authority

I think this is true, but I think it goes beyond all of that.

This seems like a pretty clear example of intentional, calculated, psychological warfare (a sort of propaganda of the deed). Abuse of authority in this way may be a very standard, encouraged, and unspoken tactic for the law enforcement community at large.

It's in their best interests for us to be fearful of them. That means bullying innocent folks now and then, using chemical weapons on peaceful protestors, etc. A slightly less violent shock and awe campaign that imposes collateral damage on our communities. A sort of low-intensity conflict that keeps all of the ducks in a row.

This is a part of the fabric of how they run the show, how they maintain social control. Using fear, the threat of violence, and intentional and excessive application of deadly force every now and then just for good measure.

We've got fascist thugs who are part of a "legal" and well paid armed gang roaming our streets. This shit has got to stop.

Harassing cyclists 27.Apr.2011 13:02


Harassing cyclists is a long time tradition in the east because bike theft and the drugs abused in places like NYC go hand in hand. All the same, the NYPD are full of shit for doing this, and I doubt sincerely they care about the cyclist.