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Officer Dauchy Fucks Up Again

Another story of police brutality, followed by assault on an observer.
On the heels of an anti-police demo here in Portland, Officer Aaron Dauchy made the news today ("Jury awards $82,000 after woman is arrested when asking police for a business card," The Oregonian, 4/14/2011) after he roughed up a passenger on a MAX train. But his role in this story is overshadowed by that of his partner, Officer Jim Sandvik, who struck a woman who had observed Officer Dauchy's use of force and asked the officers to identify themselves. Officer Sandvik then twisted her arm and cuffed her. She was arrested and taken to jail, charged with interfering with an police officer, and, like many who go through the same thing, she was released early the next morning with no money, no phone, and no shoelaces.

The charges against her were dropped when Officer Sandvik failed to appear at her court date. She filed suit.

At the hearing for the lawsuit, Officer Sandvik testified that the woman was "screaming, angry and demanding and had approached him from behind as he was trying to deal with four drunken men" (The Oregonian). Office Sandvik's testimony, however, was contradicted by TriMet video and the testimony of Officer Paul Valdez, who testified that the woman "was polite and didn't do anything that could be considered interfering with an officer" (The Oregonain).

At this point, it would probably be considered unprofessional journalism if I were to say that Officer Sandvik was obviously making up lies to protect himself and incriminate an innocent woman. It would probably also be uncouth at this point to compare Officer Sandvik to a sack of excrement. Instead, I'll just mention that a jury found that the police had commited battery against the woman, that she was falsely arrested, and that she was maliciously prosecuted.

She was awarded $82,000 due to the actions of Portland Police officers Dauchy and Sandvik.

Officer Dauchy is the Portland cop who pulled the hair of a 12-year old girl, leading to a scuffle that resulted in the young girl being shot at close range with a beanbag shotgun by Portland Police Officer Christopher Humphreys.

Officer Humphreys is the Portland police officer who killed James Chasse and then lied about it.

"Jury awards $82,000 after woman is arrested when asking police for a business card"
The Oregonian, 4/14/2011
 link to www.oregonlive.com

"DA Prosecutes 13-Year-Old Girl over Beanbag Shooting"
Portland Mercury, March 4, 2010

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grabing the girls hair was a fact not mintenioned in mainstream news

Head grab video 16.Apr.2011 17:10

12 years old

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Am I being detained?