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I need a civil rights attorney

My family hired detectives to follow me and told the Clark County Sheriff's Office not to interfere.There was an attempted break into my house and the detectives' vehicle was used in this attempt.My phone conversations were recorded, my emails hacked, and my dog murdered by the vets.Deputies never allowed me to file police reports nor told me I was under surveillance.
I need a good civil rights attorney to help me in this case because of the involvemente of the Clark County Sheriff's Office. I need somebody who can subpoena information from the Clark County Sheriff's Office, the detectives hired by my family, etc.
This is a very serious case of invasion of privacy. It resulted in the murder of my dog by the vets - my family paid them to poison and kill him.
The Clark County Sheriff's Office knew what was going on and never warned me. They didn't let me filepolice rpeorts and lied to me.
I've also been told they have a file on me.

phone: phone: 360-7182171

? 15.Apr.2011 14:04


There aren't a lot of details here that make sense. Are you sure this is actually happening? If so, then you might try Stu Sugarman. But you will probably need to provide him with a story that makes sense.

Otherwise, do you need some help? I don't mean to imply you imagined this if you did not. I know things like this happen in the world. But to have also poisoned your dog at the vet? What on earth is going on? This just sounds a little disjointed. I think that whatever you need, you can probably find here. This is the Multnomah County Mental Health and Referral page. It contains both legal and mental health resources.  http://www.co.multnomah.or.us/dchs/dv/resourcelist2.pdf

Helpline 15.Apr.2011 14:06

ADS social worker

This is the helpline. They, too, have legal and mental health services available and can help with anything that is going on right now for you. (503) 988-5887.

reader response 15.Apr.2011 16:18


Since this stuff happened in Vancouver, you will certainly need a lawyer that is licensed to practice law (and does, in fact, practice law) in the State of Washington.

Questions : 16.Apr.2011 06:39


Why would your family feel the need to hire detectives to follow you?

How do you know the Clark County Sheriff was told not to interfere?

What evidence do you have to support your claim that an attempt was made to break into your house and that the detective's vehicle was used?

How do you know your phone conversations were recorded?

How do you know your emails were hacked?

Murder is defined as one human killing another human, so dogs can't be murdered, but they can be killed, and why did the Vet kill your dog?

What evidence do you have that your family paid the Vet to poison and kill your dog?

The Sheriff is under no legal obligation to warn you of anything.

What did the Sheriff's office lie to you about?

i believe you but the cops don't. 16.Apr.2011 22:53


first off, your story has so many overly dramatic elements that the local police are going to think you are some kind of nut. even if you aren't. you have to be credible to them. obviously the PI told them something and if she lied, sue her about that. Or better yet, file a complaint of professional abuse with the licensing board, such as the State of Washington Secretary of State Board of (licensing for detectives.)she faked and lied to get entry to your home, and lied to the cops about her intent in order to keep you from getting protection.
secondly, perhaps someone has contacted the police to make up some story about you and maybe they told the cops you are a mentally ill person, or someone who is being served with papers etc. They could have told them anything. Unfortunately, a PI is on a level of being somewhat trusted by the cops as just doing their business. Usually, people with money in Washington state don't get away with bribing officials, maybe in Brazil, but that's not the norm here I am fairly certain.
But here is a big point. You seem to have tried putting a restraining order on the PI? that's silly. and pointless. The PI isn't your real problem. You need a restraining order against your family members who are stalking you. use every bit of real documentation possible. After you win that, then no one can legally be hired to contact, stalk, or harass you at all. and they will all know it (professionals will). Your family may be also HARASSING you. This could be a charge you can file against them. If they have lied to law enforcement, another charge there too. If you have a document that says they hired the detectives and one that shows they tried to have you legally declared dead after they unquestionably knew you were alive, well, that is fraud and probably other stuff too they could be charged with. Best defense is a good offense.
PS, get another dog and keep it safe, as a watchdog for you.

here's another thing 16.Apr.2011 23:19


previously in another post, you said that you tried to get a restraining order on your mom but the judge denied it, because your mom lives in brazil??? if that is the case, then try filing again with more judges til you get a good case to present and a good judge to listen. Your mother/ family may be out of state, but they are hiring people IN state to do all kinds of things, particularly the people who came to your home to break in, and did NOT serve you any papers. etc. So the restraining order might apply because the activity is carried on in this state, even if the person is not in the state: and the people they are paying, or influencing, are in this state. She may not be physically present but her actions are very present through others, and that is one aspect of restraining orders that counts. People can be restrained from causing OTHERS to contact you. You need your case to be fully explained and well presented. you also need to get some of your money back, and that might be a good carrot to hang in front of an attorney's nose...not just a civil rights lawyer either. try a good domestic violence, and women's rights, attorney too.

perhaps 16.Apr.2011 23:36


perhaps you also need to file something in brazil. do they have any laws about harassment, fraud, inheritances, stalking???? restraining orders? Would require an atty who can send things internationally of course.