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Child Abuse Cover up in Oregon!

Child abuse cover up in Oregon that goes all the way up to the Supreme Court.
Qadira Stephens was 8 years old when she became a victim of child abuse and neglect at the home of Aimee McQuiston and Todd Burkholder. The law firm of Vangelisti Kocher was hired to represent Qadira in this action in which they failed to properly investigate or report this crime to the authorities. Karellen Stephens, mother of Qadira, was illegally appointed Qadira's guardian ad litem. It appears that Vangelisti Kocher worked with State Farm attorney Rudy Lachenmeier to cover up this crime. The Oregon Department of Human Services, the Portland Police, the Oregon Department of Justice, the District Attorney, and the local FBI have refused to investigate or take any action on behalf of Qadira. McQuiston and Burkholder fully admit to harming Qadira in their home on the night of April 12, 2007 and have taken zero responsibility. The Multnomah County Circuit Court, the Oregon Appellate Court, and finally the Oregon Supreme Court have deemed this behavior acceptable. Are these people above the law because Todd Burkholder is the brother of Rex Burkholder, a prominent Oregon politician? Why is the State of Oregon covering up CHILD ABUSE? Please go to www.justiceforqadira.org to see all of the official documentation in regards to this issue and to take action today!

homepage: homepage: http://justiceforqadira.org