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Q. Who has Killed Thousands of Iraq Civilians? - A. The USA Military

Iraq Body Count
How do we US citizens look in the mirror knowing the blood is on our hands
Thousands of Dead civilians (over 100,000 deaths) plus + ?
Our US soldiers "are killing thousands and thousands of people"
Dead Babies... from USA bullets

First published 23 Oct 2010

The Iraq War Logs contain an estimated 15,000 previously unknown civilian deaths.
The majority of these new deaths come from small incidents of one to three deaths.
Additionally, IBC calculates that over 150,000 violent deaths have been recorded since March 2003, with more than 122,000 (80%) of them civilian.

The Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks on 22 October 2010, contain 54,910 records compiled by the United States military whose numerical fields register 109,032 violent deaths between January 2004 and December 2009. These casualty records contain four categories of casualties, 'Civilian' (66,081 deaths), 'Host Nation' (15,196 deaths),'Enemy' (23,984 deaths), and 'Friendly' (3,771 deaths).

But how much of this is new knowledge? How many of the 109,032 deaths documented in the logs are previously unpublished? What, in other words, do these records add to the already known death toll? A precise and final answer to this question can only be gained after a detailed reading of each individual log to discover whether or not what it contains has already been documented and reported elsewhere.

Such analysis will take many months yet to complete. Nonetheless, IBC has been able to provide a preliminary assessment of how many deaths the new data adds by analysing a carefully chosen sample of these logs. On the basis of these analyses IBC is able to conclude that some 15,000 hitherto unrecorded civilian deaths will be added to the public record from the Iraq War Logs, and that these, together with new information on combatant deaths contained in the logs, will bring the recorded death toll since March 2003 to over 150,000, roughly 80% of whom were civilians.

Full details of the IBC analyses are given below and in the technical appendix.1

READ MORE....  http://www.iraqbodycount.org/analysis/numbers/warlogs/

IBC is far from accurate 16.Apr.2011 14:23


The highly regarded British polling agency, Oxford Research Bureau, updated its estimate of Iraqi deaths to 1.3 million as of June of 2008. The Lancet Study is also a far more reliable estimate.

The problem of estimates of deaths due to U.S. policy is that most fail to include, e.g., the affects of blocked medical supplies or damage to infrastructure. Raw sewage in the streets and broken water purification systems cause deaths that cannot be attributed to guns and bombs, but which are just as real. Accurate estimates need to be made of number of deaths above what would be normally expected for a region.

so what your saying 21.Apr.2011 15:13


in other words the toll is much "higher"