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animal rights

The Patrick Movement-Oregon

I just wanted to post about a new group on Facebook: Patrick the National Movement. We are a grassroots group trying to network and work towards changing laws regarding animal abuse and neglect. Our goal is to work with other groups as well to get the message out about the crime of animal abuse.

homepage: homepage: http://www.facebook.com/PatrickTheOregonMovement
phone: phone: 5037569028

RALLY FOR PATRICK May 6, 2011, NOON, PDX, Pioneer Courthouse Square 05.May.2011 12:22

Susan Stelljes

We will be at Pioneer Courthouse Square, at noon, handing out flyers to create awareness of the need for stronger animal protection laws. Patrick was the dog that was found wrapped in a plastic bag after being starved to near death and dumped down a garbage chute in Newark. His abuser goes on trial May 6.