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Video: Secret Meetings Human Rights Commission Confusion April 4 2011

An out take from the recent meeting that high lights the confusion
That is the results of the City decision to have secret meetings to
Create the "Office Of Equity" ...and leave the Human Rights Commissioners in the Dark
Human Rights - City Hall Transparency - Equity Office Confusion 4.6.11
Human Rights - City Hall Transparency - Equity Office Confusion 4.6.11
(15 min video out-take)

Portland Human Rights Commission (HRC) Meeting 4.6.11
This is an out-take from the most recent monthly meeting of the Portland Human Rights volunteers, (Commissioners) who are discussing the NEW department of Equity, and the impact it is having on their own commission. The city has been SECRETLY changing the way this Human Rights Commission will interact, and is creating an office of Equity.

No one know what this means or what will be the outcome. I am not pleased to say the least in the way the city council is treating this commission.. (transparent? whats that?)

The full version of this recent 4.6.11 meeting can be viewed here:

This is an ongoing very current local (serious)issue:
The Human Rights Director who has been there a couple years is ... now GONE.... hmmmmm ?(wtf)
New staff...new rumors, new office (I don't know?)
The Mayor and Fritz announce the "new Office of Equity" to the press and public, a month or so ago, even before they tell or inform the HRC? that was not cool nor transparent. Although this timing was apologized for by Commissioner Fritz, it all is very suspicious to me and leaves more questions, than it answers. There is hurt and pain being expressed and covered up by this shift of Equity spin. The intentions by the city may be good???... But in my view the way this is falling apart is not!

Oddly enough, knowing the Portland Human Rights Commission was dismantled years ago (1980), this is now very suspiciously nerve racking? This in my opinion, is not going over well nor seems that its being respectful in how it is proceeding. It seems the HRC opinion and voice is not be respected, honored, or they as a collective group on human rights issues are even given a shred of dignity regarding their positions, and their volunteer dedication to human rights / civil rights in Portland.

Here is the previous meeting where the whole Equity issue "rears its head" filmed in 2/2011
Commissioner Fritz shows up to talk with the HRC commissioners about their new Department and the loss of their director?
Huh? Thats kind of what everyone was saying.... "Huh?"

Well heres the link to that meeting with City Council-member Fritz and the HRC:
 link to www.archive.org

Stay tuned:
Support The Portland Human Rights Commission!

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