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SPEAKOUT against Defense/National Security spending

Invitation to citizens, artists and activists to join Roscoe Koppel at Pioneer Courthouse Square to SPEAKOUT against Military/National Security spending.
Cone Orange is an action/art project supporting a safer, more loving World.

Cone Orange is an unincorporated, voluntary Union of Humans dedicated to living gently on Mother Earth, in Peace, with Love, Joy, and Fairness for All.

Roscoe Koppel is a fiction. He hangs out 12 hours a week at Pioneer Square in Portland, Oregon. With an orange megaphone, he speaks out against U.S. Defense and National Security spending. In addition, Roscoe plays host to artists who drop by the Square: poets, performers, musicians, activists, speakers, children's groups, choirs, jugglers, belly dancers, philosophers, and fire eaters, who share Cone Orange aspirations and dreams for ourselves and for our children. All are invited to SPEAKOUT with art and heart against the outrageous waste of military/security spending and the consequent impoverishment of our communities.

In the Square, we meet. We strategize, we improvise, we speak shared power and talk to one another with delight and respect. We mount peaceful resistance. We unshackle our imaginations. We lay the bricks of change. There is enough! We can do it. Such is the transformational dream of Roscoe Koppel.

STOP BY Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 11am - 3pm, when no other events are scheduled there. (Check the Pioneer Courthouse Square calendar.)

Roscoe plans to be at the Square until it starts to rain in the fall. On a pocket-size video camera, he will record various artist and actors and conversations with people concerned about Military and National Security over-spending. With their permission, their comments, music, art, and performances, will be made available for viewing on the internet @coneorange.com.

Join us, Peace Roscoe Koppel

homepage: homepage: http://www.coneorange.com

Any military spending or excessive military spending? 10.Apr.2011 17:31


Speak out against excessive military/security spending or just military spending?

Just trying to clarify.

Is the United States to become Liechtenstein