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Very Soros About That

some of my "liberal" nyc friends think well of george soros because he (supposedly) hates george bush, and (allegedly) supports a lot of "liberal" causes (seems pfaw is one).

— Just pathetic.

There are literally thousands of articles closely linking Soros with the CIA, Zbigniew Brzezinski, etc. on the Internet, but almost none are on "highly reputable" sites.
Soros is listed as a member of the International Crisis Group Executive Committee:


On another page, Zbigniew Brzezinski is listed as an International Crisis Group Senior Adviser:


Which says:

Other Current Activities
Public and Pro Bono: Honorary Chairman, AmeriCares Foundation (a private philanthropic humanitarian aid organization); Co-Chairman, American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus; Member, Board of Directors, Jamestown Foundation; Member, Board of Trustees, International Crisis Group; Trustee, Trilateral Commission (a cooperative American-European-Japanese forum); Member, Board of Directors, Polish-American Enterprise Fund and of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation; Member, Honorary Board of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center; Chairman, International Advisory Board for the Yale Project on "The Culture & Civilization of China"; Member, International Honorary Committee, Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, etc.

Michel Chossudovsky at GlobalResearch.ca has a lot to say about Soros in an article that can be Googled with ( "IMF Sponsored" "Democracy" "in The Ukraine" ):

He is not only supported by the IMF and the international financial community, he also has the endorsement of The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) , Freedom House and George Soros' Open Society Institute , which played a behind the scenes role last year in helping "topple Georgia's president Eduard Shevardnadze by putting financial muscle and organizational metal behind his opponents." (New Statesman, 29 November 2004).

This led to the ascendance of Mikheil Saakashvili, who ordered the 2008 attack on Tskhinvali, which led to a Russian intervention.

So Soros is an obvious player in the "Great Game." Let's just say he is not very much like Ralph Nader.

Focusing on Soros is mistake. 10.Apr.2011 05:39

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

"Power is at the end of a barrel of a gun." someone once said. So the suits are not the issue. George Soros and others like him spread money across the entire social society network but money is not power. All of our social and environmental ills are best blamed on those who have stolen our dreams of living in a true enlightened democracy, the military. In fact, military organizations throughout history have always destroyed dreams of a civil society. If we remove social security and medicare which are funded through paycheck deductions, military spending is 70 percent of the federal budget. Over $700,000,000,000.00 per year now. The economic return of our military adventures is collapsing because the world is wising up and we are not tax the wealthy elite's the they ought to be. So if you want to gripe or even revolt against the system then stop focusing on bit players like Soros who by the way has been funding anti-drug war and cannabis legalization efforts across the US.

We should be examining why the US military is secretly building underground cities and placing large amounts of weapons systems in these new facilities. What are they preparing for, the pending ice age? Why are they continuing to develop a drone air force which can be operated remotely from any under ground facility via satellite. Whatever they are spending our money on, it is not our healthcare, our environment or reducing our carbon output.

Guns Don't Kill People 10.Apr.2011 15:07


People with money hire people with guns to kill people.

Money for drugs kills people?

The CIA kills people?

People with money hire the CIA to kill people like John F. Kennedy and Paul Wellstone? With special operations?

Nah. That would be some kind of "conspiracy." Not possible in our fair nation, of course.

George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski could easily deny it!

When 1% of the people own 99.9% of the wealth we will still struggle to get to the top. Like insects collected in a small jar.

Don't try to resist it. It is inevitable!

Paul Wellstone? 10.Apr.2011 18:19


So progressive senators who flight into ice storms in Minnesota in late October are the victim of the CIA and not of the aircraft wing turning from an airfoil into a popsicle.

This is the same CIA that couldn't find WMDs in Iraq, and couldn't even come up with fake ones just to make things look good?

Not to mention the fact that not waiting for Wellstone to lose the election (which was highly likely) first before assassinating him?