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Anti - Tea Party meeting this Monday!

Interested in fighting back against Capitalism and Tea Party propaganda?
Portland Solidarity Group is hosting a meeting at Laughing Horse Books and Film Collective (12 Ne Burnside) at 7pm to put together tactics against the up coming Tea Party Rally. All are welcome.

Damos 11.Apr.2011 21:35

Jim Lockhart

You stated, "It's not like there's ever been a big teabag rally at Pioneer square."

Sorry to say, but you're mistaken about that. Here's some video I shot at the April 15, 2009 Rally in Pioneer Square..........


The place was packed by a great many more people than I've seen attending Progressive events. Hey, it's not exactly easy to watch, but maybe a few minutes of this will give you the idea of the power of the movement, well, the power of their delusion anyway.

It's sobering indeed to see how easily people can be manipulated by articulate and well funded demagogues. This shit ain't going away, and I'm glad to see that someone is taking it upon themselves to provide some kind of opposition.

who knew? 13.Apr.2011 10:38

Damos Abadon

Well i didn't know a thing about it. Infact, i'm pretty sure anyone who's not on some teabagger mailing list who happened to have NOT been in/around PS that day wouldn't have known about it.

At least there's a heads up about it on IndyMedia THIS year. But i don't recall seeing anything of the sort in 2009.

2009 t-party 13.Apr.2011 18:28

joe anybody

I somehow ended up there in 09
Dont recall how I knew about it

(1)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXSgv6x7yIs
(2)  http://youtu.be/eDjEA-Vtiz8