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Killing sealions again?

Is the Government killing sea lions again at Bonneville dam?
I live near Stevenson, Washington and have been horrified by the senseless killing of sea lions below Bonneville dam for the last few years. I was very happy when the court said there would be no more killing. But the government put the traps out again this year and this week I saw one of the traps all covered in tarps. A few years ago when the traps were covered in tarps there were many dead sea lions on the traps - is the government allowed to catch and kill these precious animals once again? I watched on thursday as the boat with all the cages on it approached one of the tarped up traps, several people jumped around on the trap with sticks and then went away. Did they take a sea lion away and kill it?

The sea lion people were here last year watching around the clock to make sure the government was held accountable but I have not seen them this year, they were very nice people fighting for these animals lives. It looks like the government has started its misguided killing of sea lions again. I thought the sea lions were safe - what is going on?

possibly branding not killing 10.Apr.2011 23:10

Matt Rossell

Thanks for posting your observations and questions, and we should definitely get to the bottom of it. The states do still have the authority to trap for branding purposes, and that may be all that is going on, but it should be looked into.