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Chronology of April 7th Protest

This is a timed, chronological account of what happened at the anti-police brutality march on the evening of April 7th.
Park and Jefferson. Large group of 9 police standing next to two cruisers. Trio of bicycle police block the sidewalk. They let me pass. I ask them what they think of the Wisconsin bill and they decline to comment.

Approx 20 individuals congregate on the corner of Park and Salmon. Police number past 40 who are present, more are around, including the following: 6 horse mounted police, 20 bicycle mounted police, 2 police with camera labeled "forensics". Also, on the corner of Salmon next to the restaurant South Park are 3 private security officers who also are on bicycles. The company they work for is Securitas, uniforms are red and black, how ironic. I asked a police officer if they had arresting powers and they informed me that they had no power above that of any citizen. However, they CAN detain any citizen if they were hired by the building or private company, and deemed that they were going to damage the property.

Calls to "disarm" and "join us" come from the crowd of 20, although more numbers come trickling in.

Police forensics cameras relocate from south to southwest corner. A call from the congregated group "Be responsible of your power that we give you...that society gives you."

A young member of the congregation separates from the group and films the forensics cameras.

Banners unfurled "We are all Ralph Turner" "Every cop a murderer, every judge an accomplice"

"Disarm now" Put down hour arms and join us" "I have a bike too! Let's ride bikes together!" come from the congregation.

Congregation now approx. 40. March begins. Chants of "ACB-All Cops are Bastards".

Broadway and Salmon. March contained to sidewalks. High levels of police pressure from the bicycle mounted police. Proceed to Morrisson and Broadway, headed west. "No cops, No KKK, No fascist USA" chant.

Alder and 9th. Continued to corner. Protesters want to cross street. Police block way. One of the protesters calls the blocking police officer a "meter maid". At this point, 6 horse mounted police bring up around 30 bicycle mounted police. One protester steps on to the street to avoid walking into a newspaper stand. a police officer says "stay on the sidewalk please." this is at Bryant park. Police cruisers riding parallels.

Smokebomb or some kind of device is lit. A police officer reacts highly violently to a protester on the corner, not close to the smokebomb and shoves them back to the corner with the his bike. The protesters cross the street and for some reason unclear, the police go absolutely nuts. Around 4 protesters are tackled by the police on bikes, who have, by the way, thrown their bikes to the ground blocking traffic and the movement of pedestrians. The police effectively sever the marchers into two groups. A younger female protester is trampled by a horse mounted officer. Immediately after, a police officer yanks her to her feet, maces her face at point blank range and arrests her. Witness another female protester get punched in the back of her head. Another female protester is threatened with mace while on the ground, mace placed in her mouth. Police in riot gear block the Bryant Park protesters from the street and aim tear gas guns at them, the rest holding billy clubs in ready position. The police across the street have detained more than a 7 individuals, none of whom violently resisted, but were noticeably restrained with physical force. Large parts of the group run off and the protest breaks up and retreats into Bryant Park. More than 20 riot police shape an L around the park, with horse mounted police blocking one of the entrances to the park. Big pile of horse poop on the ground. Protesters retreat further and leave the area.

Police administer water to eyes of a detained protester, who had been maced and zip-tied. I asked police officers if they would like to make a statement, "No thank you" was the response.

Pioneer Courthouse Square. Passersby and citizens waiting for the MAX are heard saying "Not 1 Black officer in that group" "Scared of Libya and Egypt" "This is typical". 30 police for 12 protesters. Add 3 cruisers and 2 non-government registered vehicles, meaning that not all of the automobiles used by police were official police vehicles.

Salmon and 6th. Protest kettled in. Ran to 5th.

Between Big Town Hero and Happy Bowl. Hungry. mmm, food. Pardon my narcissism. I also know that the protesters are thirsty and hungry as well.

North on 5th@ Standard Insurance Center

A large group of them split off.

4th and Yamhill.

3rd and Morrisson

Washington and 3rd

North on Burnside and Broadway. "Picked off girls first since they are macho white men" comes from the protesters to the cops.

West on Burnside. Police kettle in the remaining 10 or so protesters. Police allow civilians to pass behind them in the street.

Moved to 10th and Alder with bike police there

Stopped in front of Pioneer Courthouse

Still here.

Protest over. Police leave.

Throughout the protest, there was no instance of "vandalism" or "property damage" as apparently was reported by the mainstream media. Supposedly, as the protest progressed to downtown, the news gave an update how there was a "riot" going on in downtown Portland. News people from channel 8 were in attendance with a camera, but didn't get any footage of the Bryant Park arrests. This kind of reporting blatantly points how the mainstream media is interested in portraying citizens who decide to exercise their constitutional rights as a menace to the "peaceful social fabric" of this city. However, the capability and execution of maintaining that peace was through violent means. A police officer that is armed with thousands of dollars of training and equipment who gets pushed away from a protester inadvertently or purposefully has no reason to be afraid for their safety. The National Lawyers Guild were out with multiple cameras for the whole event and multiple observers as well should be noted.

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