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green scare

Jake the Snake in Lane Cty

Green Scare snitch Jacob Ferguson is in jail on a federal offense hold.
He knows what happens to snitches in prison, yes?


he's out 08.Apr.2011 12:55


Jake was picked up on drug dealing charges. He was on federal probation. He has been released already.

Jake is DEFINITELY IN JAIL 12.Apr.2011 12:58

good student

Jake Ferguson appeared in federal court yesterday for a first appearance on a probation revocation matter. Ferguson was in custody and looking bad, but did not seem overly concerned with his plight. Ferguson was about half way through his 5 year probation term when he was allegedly caught dealing heroin, our sources indicate at this time. His former atty was appointed to represent him again, who then made reference to a pending State court drug prosecution that was the basis for the revocation proceeding (no further details provided). Judge Coffin set the probation revocation hearing for May 5th 11am in front of Judge Aiken.

It was kind of interesting to watch as US Attorneys and others pretended like they didn't know their boy, despite the fact that the gov't fully knew Ferguson was a junkie as the government provided him all the free methadone he wanted when he was working as a snitch for them.....it will be interesting to see if he actually gets sentenced to any prison time as a result of this incident. In the meantime, he's been in custody since April 6th and it looks like he will remain in the Lane County Jail until his next court hearing on May 5th.