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Christians United for Israel "Standing with Israel" Meeting at PSU April 13th

Information about the "Standing with Israel" meeting put on by Christians United for Israel
Do you favor killing people in aid flotillas and the indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinians? Do you blame Rachel Corrie for her murder? If so, "Christians United For Israel" is holding a meeting for you: "Standing with Israel: An Evening with Irving Roth"

The event will be held at Portland State University's Native American Center at 710 S.W. Jackson Street on Wednesday, April 13th at 7:30 pm.

Roth is a survivor of Auschwitz, so perhaps someone could ask him what he thinks of the open air prison called Gaza. According to Christian News Northwest, "Christians United for Israel holds hundreds of pro-Israel events nationally. Concerned that certain colleges are launch pads for anti-Israel activity, CUFI has started a campus group at PSU."

"For more information, email  pdxcuficampus@gmail.com Those planning to attend are asked to go to www.cufi.org and RSVP under "Attend an Event."

CUFI is also planning a "Night to Honor Israel" with Michael Medved in Eugene on May 15th.

So, if you think snipers should be shooting kids, if you think bombing UN buildings is cool, you've got two chances to show your support.

More Info 07.Apr.2011 23:54


More Info at  http://www.pdxcufi.com/

If you want to end U.S.-Israel crimes, focus on the U.S. 08.Apr.2011 15:01

Emmit Goldman

The lobby loves all who target them, because it suggests that they are in control, aiding their fund-raising and increasing their effectiveness.

Israel is a U.S. client state that waits for a green light from its patron before committing its crimes.

Want to drastically reduce the amount of terrorism in the world? Work to impeach all U.S. war criminals, including Obama. And work to defund all of Obama's wars and occupations.

Israel is a patsy.