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Bible Burning on Easter Sunday

Since burning holy books is apparently in vogue once again, we have decided to hold a bible-burning event on Easter Sunday April 24th 2011. This event will take place in Portland, OR. We believe that the Christian holy bible is an evil & dangerous text & that Christianity is a violent terrorist religion. We also feel that it is our Constitutional First Amendment right to do so. Since Christians have the right to burn books, harass people at funerals, threaten people at health clinics, & basically have free reign to commit acts of terrorism, we feel that it is out Right to burn the holy bible in order to punish christians.
Official press release:

On Easter Sunday April 24th 2011 we will conduct a public burning of Christian holy bibles in the city of Portland, OR. This is a public event that shall take place at an [as yet] to be determined location. It will occur in Portland. This shall be officially regarded as a protest action. This is also a chance for intelligent citizens to practice their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. The exact time has yet to be determined, but tentatively should take place in the early afternoon - at the height of local church services. We also plan to burn various other Christian publications as well as crosses & paraphernalia. Further details to be announced in the coming days.

We feel that Christians are vile, degenerate, truly loathsome human beings. We feel that the Christian religion is a violent, hateful, terrorist religion. The Christian holy bible is filled with inexcusable promotions for infanticide, adultery, grotesque & bizarre murder, racism, xenophobia, suicide, bestiality, misogyny, incest, child rape, morbid sexual violence, slavery, genocide, & unimaginable human rights violations. It is a proven fact that prolonged exposure to the contents of this "holy" book have resulted in delusions, bouts of schizophrenia, hysteria, partial or complete mental detachment, & violent antisocial behavior & even homicidal tendencies. Furthermore, many political & religious tyrants as well as out-right psychopaths throughout history have used the Christian holy bible as "divine" justification for carrying out the most horrendous atrocities in recorded history. Even right now, our nation is slowly being destroyed from the inside out by self-destructive Christians. Everyone speaks of the fact that we have our first "black" president & long for the first female president in the somewhat near future. Yet, the prospects for the first ATHEIST president to preside over a truly secular nation dictated by common sense & reason seem an impossibly distant fantasy. Christians have protected status in this country. They brazenly violate the separation of state & church, are openly racist, & are free to break the laws of this country so long as they claim "grounds for religion". Christians are a pox & a menace. They cower behind their holy bible & forcefully impose their sick behavior upon innocent people. For all these reasons, we declare the Christian holy bible to be the most dangerous text in the world & it's destruction by fire is not only called for, but a just & moral cause. We hope to encourage many individuals around the world to collectively take part in bible burnings on Sunday April 24th. This is a just cause & we know that we are right in this action.

- (A)nonymous Sectarian Atheist

homepage: homepage: http://www.facebook.com/AnonymousSectarianAtheist

whatever 07.Apr.2011 17:16

Oh The Horror of it

what ever floats your boat

im not too interested

you must really be bored or not to involved in fruitful use of your energy

oh the horror .... the shock ....the awe...... ...whatever

wow 07.Apr.2011 18:37


that'll show em. Really hit them right in the gut.

Or, as people who seem to think they are above petty superstition, you could just not play their game, you know? Or do something that is actually useful.

REALLY??????// 08.Apr.2011 14:15

Confused mcallister125@msn.com

I can't understand the purpose this will serve. Is this just the protest du jour?? Why not focus your efforts on something important. You will never get a rise out of Christians by burning the Bible. I can think of a hundred different causes that need to be addressed. This is just stupid. Also, you are attempting to incite a group that won't fight back the way you would like. I think this is a case of picking on the playground nerd and thinking you really have accomplished something. Draw a picture of Mohammed or burn the Koran in protest of the Muslim opression of women. No? What are you scared??? If you have so much time on your hands how about some help with genocide in Africa. The education of our youth. Homeless Vets, Homeless in general. Anything but more stupid grandstanding. We get it already you, don't believe in God. FOCUS!!! and STOP WASTING OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

agreed 09.Apr.2011 09:33


I have to agree with the comments above. I'm NOT a christian and I resent living in a christian nation which administers policies based on a religion that I DON'T believe in, but this seems like a very unproductive way to express that sentiment. and it makes you no better than the ignorant Koran burners who only further spread hatred and intolerance. I urge you to consider doing something more constructive like maybe organizing a march/protest against religion-influenced policy? just a thought....

why so disrespectful? 22.Apr.2011 19:57


America is a free country and while you may not believe in Christianity or God why put the people who do and the bible on blast like this? You are free to believe whatever you want as I am. There are a lot of bad apples in ever walk of life, it sounds like some bad Christians really pissed you off so you're going to show the world how you fight back. Not all Christians are as you have portrayal, very few actually. Wish you well in your life and I hope you can find another avenue to let your frustrations with religion out.