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Eugene Food Not Bombs meeting

Eugene food not bombs starting back up in Eugene, OR. Interested parties should get involved!
Eugene, OR, the second largest city in Oregon, is lacking one of the most basic yet critical alternative institutions: Food Not Bombs. I was informed that Eugene FNB was active in the past, but is currently inactive/very sporadic. As students, as citizens, as humans, we need this kind of community-building event in our community. We also need a few hard-working individuals to get the project off the ground, be consistent, and help spread the word.

I, and hopefully a few others, will be at the University of Oregon Survival Center 4/15 at 12:00 to discuss the process and get the ball rolling. If interested folks can't make it at this time/date, please comment or email me with alternates. Also, feel free to email with ideas, suggestions, etc. Hope to see your faces and/or hear from you.

Much love,


homepage: homepage: http://pages.uoregon.edu/survival/
address: address: EMU Suite 1 University of Oregon campus