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Sidewalk Use in Portland: Arrests - Warnings Data Sheet

a handout regarding recent interactions with the portland police regarding "sitting on the sidewalks" in portland.
Sidewalk Arrests & Citations - Portland Oregon 3 - 2011
Sidewalk Arrests & Citations - Portland Oregon 3 - 2011
Sit in the wrong spot = citation.

Set your belongings down and you may be talking with the bike or horse police.

This is 15 page pdf file from the 4.4.11 sidewalk advisory meeting that is data info from the recent engagements with police and folks using the sidewalks.

This report is open public information.

meeting - video coming soon 05.Apr.2011 13:28

joe anybody

video from this meeting is coming soon :-]

AnonAnok 06.Apr.2011 15:17

Let's fight!

Are there any folks interested in challenging anti-homeless legislation in Porland? Seems to me like a good starting point for a campaign against gentrification.