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Video: 7 Arrested in Eviction Defense at 9 Ravenwood Ave. 3.28.11

This is a repost from Rochester IndyMedia
7 Arrested in Eviction Defense in Rochester last week
Video link included by Flux Postrum
Evictions - police working with and for the banks
Evictions - police working with and for the banks
3/28/11 A video from the eviction and the 7 arrests at 9 Ravenwood Ave. where Cathy Lennon was forcefully evicted by the RPD on March 28, 2011. Take Back the Land - Rochester was conducting an eviction watch and was able to keep Lennon in her home an extra two weeks. Updates at the end of the video.

(video)  http://fluxview.com/USA/RavenwoodEviction

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At about 9:05am this morning about 13 police cars blocked off Ravenwood Ave. and stormed 9 Ravenwood Ave. to forcibly evict the Lennon-Griffen family from their home. Police put up crime scene tape and a group of movers with a U-haul showed up to empty the house. Around 10:30am a group of community members ran through the police crime scene tape and blocked the front door to the house in an act of civil disobedience. Five community membersóJake Allen, Emily Good, Crescenzo Scipione, Zora Gussow, and Ryan Gromkoskiówere arrested and charged with obstruction of government administration and trespass. Currently they are being processed at the public safety building on Plymouth Ave. Jail support is scheduled to start a 1pm.

As of 11:15am, two more community members were arrested. Jake Spezio was arrested for trespass and disorderly conduct when he was caught cutting the corner of the police line (an honest mistake it seems) and the other, Liz Rich, a neighbor on Aberdeen St., (a 70 year old retired woman in her pajamas), was arrested for disorderly conduct when she was asking an officer why Spezio was being arrested. The police then forced all witnesses to the end of the street and threatened neighbors for walking by the house.

Take Back the Land - Rochester has been working with Catherine Lennon and her family to get Fannie Mae to renegotiate her mortgage. Public support and an eviction defense has been going on for the last two weeks.

A press conference is scheduled for 7pm tonight at 9 Ravenwood Ave. followed by a candle light vigil at 7:30pm. Please come down and show your support and outrage!

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Rochester: related to the evictions by Fannie Mae 05.Apr.2011 11:35



There is quite a story here as well about the huge foreclosure mill law firm in Buffalo (Steven J. Baum) handling the Lennon case for Fannie Mae. So far they have two class action suits against them for fraudulent filing of court documents re the enormous number evictions they do each year (tens of thousands in NY State) and a pending RICO anti-racketeering case. Check out some articles about Baum Esq: