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How California can stop nuclear power

Can Californians prevent Pacific Gas'n Electric and Southern California Edison from relicensing their nuclear power plants in the state, in the wake of Japan's nuclear catastrophe?
"Yes," says, Rochelle Becker, Executive Director of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility. "Absolutely."
Becker wants to talk about an immediate, winnable public safety battle in the State of California, where two nuclear power plants are so close to earthquake fault lines, and to the Pacific Ocean, that California could be the next Japan. Even if its reactors were shut down tomorrow, Becker says, an earthquake of unanticipated magnitude could cause catastrophe because of all the nuclear waste stored at Pacific Gas'n Electric's Diablo Canyon plant and Southern California Edison's San Onofre plant, both of which are also on the California Coast, as the Fukushima Plant is on Japan's.

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