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Award-winning celebrity makeup artist Kerry Herta to lead two workshops in June. The first, Makeup Artist Boot Camp, teaches the latest techniques used in film/TV, beauty, bridal and fashion. The second is a one-day Airbrush Seminar for working artists who want to advance their airbrushing knowledge.
PORTLAND--Colour Box Makeup Studios founder Kerry Herta, returns to the Northwest to teach aspiring makeup artists the latest techniques used in the entertainment and beauty industries.

Following a number of successful classes in Seattle over the last two years, Herta's workshops - the five-day Makeup Artist Boot Camp and one-day Airbrush Seminar - come to Portland June 1-6. The exclusive workshops are limited to 12 aspiring artists, all of whom will be trained by Herta and complete assignments using live models and industry-leading products and equipment.

"The Makeup Boot Camp provides both education and real-world experience," Herta said. "Artists, many of them already working professionally, can broaden their skills in a nurturing classroom environment. Then they apply these skills by completing real-world projects in a fast-paced studio environment."

Herta is the creative force behind many of the entertainment, beauty and fashion industries' most memorable faces and highly-regarded projects. Her success across every genre - film, HD television, editorial, beauty, fashion, bridal - make her one of the industry's true creative leaders. A longtime mentor of up-and-coming artists, Herta has chosen to educate while continuing to work on her industry's most recognizable projects. She has carefully designed Makeup Boot Camp to provide both real-world training and hands-on experience she seeks when selecting a professional makeup department.

During Boot Camp, each student will learn and apply the latest techniques through daily projects - many of which mirror projects Herta has undertaken during her career - using live models and industry-leading products from Koh Gen Do, FACE Stockholm, Crown Brushes and Autonomous FX. Boot Camp also addresses the industry's business and occupational realities, such as ethics, agents and labor unions.

The one-day Airbrush Seminar also teaches the latest techniques using live models and airbrush equipment from Temptu.

Upon completion of this workshop, artists are eligible for advanced level workshops and other ongoing support and assistance as they begin their careers. They also receive a wide variety of products from Koh Gen Do and FACE Stockholm for their own makeup kits and qualify for a number of professional artist discount programs.

Artists also have the experience to begin assisting on film and television projects. Some former students have joined Herta's own makeup teams.

"My goal is to empower and inspire the passions of young artists and help them compete for jobs in Washington, Oregon, California, or anywhere else they choose to work" Herta said. "My biggest reward is working with the same artists I helped train."

Herta welcomes the opportunity to speak with interested artists about their careers and whether the workshop is right for them. For more information, visit  http://www.colourboxmakeup.com. To enroll or speak to Herta, contact  info@colourboxmakeup.com or (310) 360-3992.

homepage: homepage: http://www.colourboxmakeup.com
phone: phone: 310.360.3992

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