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Citizens Radiation Monitor Network Forming

Call out / Request for Citizen's Radiation Monitor Data! due to the Japan's nuclear reactor melt downs. The federal, state, and local governments are slow in publishing any data, let alone real time data. Most all radiation monitors in the USA have been sold out with a 6 to 12 week back order time. How about putting all those newly purchased radiation monitors to use! Send in your data!!!
All radiation monitors in the USA are sold out! The EPA has removed radiation monitors and is lying to us? So who can we believe? Many different citizens!
Please, put out a call out for all those who bought the radiation monitors to use them and publish their daily citizen radiation counts.

Here is what is needed to accurately report the data taken:

Radiation Monitor Manufacturer: ________________________
Radiation Monitor Model Number: _________________________
Radiation Monitor Calibration Date: _________________________
Radiation Count: _____________________________________
Radiation Count Units: _______________________
Radiation Monitor Range Dial Setting: ______________________
Radiation Monitor Location, City: _______________________
Radiation Monitor State: ____________________
Time Data Taken: __________________________
Date Data Taken: ___________________________
Data Acquired By (Initials): _________________________

Please E-mail your data to  Citizens.Rad.Mon@hotmail.com

I am independent. I am not affiliated with any government, corporation, or political party. I am just seeking the truth! Please help!!!

Please circulate this widely!!! Thank you!!!