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Who To Turn For Help When The Clark County Sheriff's Office Colludes With Criminals?

My family contacted the Clark County Sheriff's Office, told them they were going to have me under surveillance and not to help me. My privacy was invaded, deputies refused to investigate an attempted break into my house or to let me file police reports, my life was endangered, and my family found out which vets I was taking my dog to and paid to have him murdered.
My family contacted the Clark County Sheriff's Office to let them know they'd hired private detectives and for the Clark County Sheriff's Office neither to help me nor to warn me of what was going on. The Portland private detective is Laurie Debauw of Girl Friday Investigations. According to a letter written by her attorney, my mother hired her November 2009. There were some other previous incidents that took place before November 09. I tried to file a restraining order against my mother during the Summer of 09, but was told that because she lives overseas, I couldn't. On March 26th, 2009, they sent a man named Samuel Rubin to my house. I called 911 but the police didn't do anything. I changed my phone number September 09. That brought me some peace for a little while.

On November 19th, 09, a woman tried to gain access to my house pretending to be a flower delivery person. I recognized her as being the same person who tried to gain access to my house the previous week, pretending to be a census taker. I didn't open the door. The woman trespassed into my backyard and tried to break into my house through the back door. Then she left. I noticed she was driving a green Plymouth minivan that she had parked far from my house. I called 911. In the meantime, the woman came back and parked right across my house. I called 911 and they told me deputies were almost at my house. I noticed the minivan was shaking a lot, as if there were several people inside. I went out with my camera and took two pictures. Whoever was inside the minivan become very still, pretending nobody was in there. The windows were tinted black. I ran into my house and waited for the deputies to arrive.

By the time Deputy Paulson and his partner arrived, the minivan was long gone. I explained what the situation was and who I thought was behind it, and they said it was serious. They ran the license plate in their computer and then came back telling me that because the vehicle wasn't stolen they wouldn't investigate, they wouldn't tell me who the woman was, and that she was trying to serve me papers. They refused to let me file a police report.

All of those were lies. The vehicle belongs to Laurie Debauw, of Girl Friday Investigations of Portland, OR. She is the local detective my family hired to keep me under surveillance. There are other in Canada. The Clark County Sheriff's Office knew about it and didn't warn me. Private detectives are not allowed to trespass into anybody's property and try to break into anybody's houses.

By having me under surveillance, my family found out which vets I was taking my dog to and paid them to torture and kill him. My dog was injected poison and given arsenic mixed in his medications. He was killed at the ICU. It cost me US$10,000.00 trying to save his life.

Every time I went to the sheriff's office to tell them what was going on they dismissed me in the rudest possible way. I found out my family had reported me a missing person claiming I went missing in Seattle on August 08th, 2008 (08.08.08). The only time I've been to Seattle was in 1993. Deputies dismissed that report. They dismissed everything and prevented me from filing police reports. Finally I emailed the police and service reports. After a few months of not hearing from the Sheriff's Office, I emailed Sheriff's Lucas assistant, Valerie Deming, asking what were they doing (the police report was regarding the attempted break in that occurred on November 19th, 2009). Ms. Deming replied everything I emailed them they put on my file.

I have a file??? Why???

On May 14th, 2010, my mother started a motion to have me legally declared an absent person in Brazil(dead) claiming nobody in my family knows where I am. By having me declared legally dead, my mother would steal an inheritance that belongs to me. I was supposed to receive a large amount of money on September 1st, 2010, but my mother's attorney contacted my attorney and told her not to wire me the money because I am a missing person and nobody knows where I am. My attorney (somebody I'd only communicated through emails) never wired me the money.

The Sheriff's Office dismissed that, too.

A facebook page I created was erased and an online petition I started was deleted. I am still under surveillance. I filed a petition for a restraining order against Laurie Debauw. That's when she produced the letter claiming my family hired her and the Sheriff's Office knew. The judge didn't grant me the restraining order and I believe that woman is suing me now, which means my family is suing me through her and that I am still under surveillance.

My family also gave my personal information to a man who was under the delusion -or was told - we were going to get married in a month. His vet is the one who gave the injection to my dog and I had to take him to the ICU December 09. This man is very good friends with my cousin Raquel Zidell and her husband Jack Zidell of Portland, OR.

On December 16th, 2010, Dep. Chuck Kerr chauffeured my mother's secretary in a patrol car to my house trying to force me to sign documents. I refused. Then he came back on the 17th after 9 pm to hand-deliver some gift card my family purchased, pretending he was the one who did it. Due to my family's unusual beliefs, I told him I wouldn't use those gift cards and to take them away. He became very upset but left them. When I called 911 asking why Dep. Kerr came to my house I was told he brought a Brazilian diplomat on the 16th (a lie, my mother's secretary is not a Brazilian diplomat). There was no record of him coming to my house on the 17th, even though he came driving a patrol car.

Chauffeuring my mother's secretary in a patrol car is a misuse of tax-payers' money.

There have been other incidents, too. I am very concerned for my safety because I can no longer call 911 if there is any problem.

I need a good civil rights attorney and/or investigative journalist to help me. I need to sue the Clark County Sheriff's Office and probably some members of my family. Law enforcement should never conspire with criminals, no matter how rich those criminals are, in the commission of crimes. They knew what was going on and didn't warn nor help me. It is their job description to enforce the laws, not the break them to help criminals. When stalkers contact the police to tell them they are going to stalk and harm their victims, the police cannot aid them. It's against the law.

I also need to file restraining orders against my mother and other members of my family. I know it may be difficult because she lives in Brazil, but she hires private detectives to follow me. That needs to stop. She had my dog brutally murdered. It shouldn't matter where the criminals live. The law shouldn't allow them to harm their victims. Especially now when technology is so advanced, they can do much harm long-distance. Like hacking my emails.

I need a really good civil rights attorney. My privacy has been invaded, my life endangered, my dog murdered, my civil rights violated. I am very concerned for my safety.

If this happened to me it can happen to anybody. It's very scary knowing that these people, the Clark County Sheriff's Office, are the ones in charge of our safety. It's not only that my civil rights have been violated - they've been trampled. I hope a civil rights attorney who cares about civil rights of regular people reads this article and decides to help me. I have plenty of documents to substantiate my claims.

One more thing, and this would be great for an investigative journalist: I need somebody who can find the personal connection between Joe Peck of Lake Oswego and Patty Locktov of Madera, CA. I have the results of a google search showing they used to be facebook friends - they defriended each other on August 20th, 2010. According to the Clark County Sheriff's Office, they couldn't find a personal connection between those two. The google search shows otherwise. According to me, Patty Locktov looks a lot like the woman who tried to break into my house. She does look a lot like Laurie Debauw, true, but if it wasn't Patty Locktov, then why did the Clark County Sheriff's Office lie, and why did Joe Peck lie in court under oath (meaning that he perjured himself) saying he's never met Patty Locktov while they were still facebook friends? I'm attaching the documents.

Regarding the money from the inheritance I am supposed to receive from Brazil: Had my mother succeeded at having me declared legally dead, she would have kept my money. Since I was able to prove I am alive and that I am not a missing person, now she has only two options left to keep my money:

The first one is to have me declared mentally unstable.

The second one is to have me killed.

As I wrote before, I am very concerned for my safety because of the involvement of the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

Any civil rights attorney who really cares about civil rights (I am not a criminal, terrorist, mistress of anybody famous, etc, and I spent most of my time reading, painting, and developing chocolate recipes) please contact me. I need legal representation.

Anybody who is reading this article, knows my family and believed them when they said they had no idea where I am - not true. They know exactly where I am and had my dog murdered.

Anybody who is reading this article, knows my family and KNEW what they were doing to me and kept silent - rot in Hell.







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