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Concerts in Ashland, Eugene and Portland to Remember the "Wobbly Walk" of 1911!

George Mann, Mark Ross and Patrick Dodd will give concerts in Ashland, Eugene and Portland, sponsored by Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice. Political folk music, and the songs of such IWW greats as Joe Hill!
Hello Folks:

Below is info for the three concerts that are coming up next week to remember the "Wobbly Walk" of 1911. Mark Ross and I will be doing these concerts, celebrating the music and spirit of the IWW, along with Patrick Dodd. This mini-tour has been sponsored by Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice and we appreciate all that Wes Brain has done to make these concerts a reality!

Now please, would you help us spread word? I am attaching the posters for Portland and Eugene to this email, and hope you will help by forwarding on to friends in any of the Ashland, Eugene or Portland areas. Please, if you are local, print out a copy or two of the poster and put up in your neighborhood store/workplace, etc. And I hope you can make the concert if you are in the area!

Thanks, info below—George

What was the Wobbly Walk through the Siskiyou?

In February 1911, over a hundred members of the IWW left Portland on freight trains bound for Fresno, The group consisted of young working men willing to die for free speech. They risked being beaten by strike breakers.
Nearly a hundred Wobblies made the hazardous trek south by foot through the snow-covered Siskiyous after being kicked out of the box cars in Ashland. By the end of their trek they had walked roughly 150 miles across the frozen Siskiyous.

"History forgets more heroes than it remembers... Those Wobblies warrant memory." ~ Jay Mullen

Ashland: Thursday, April 7 from 7 to 9 PM

Ashland Historic Railroad Museum, 258 "A" Street, Suite 7

$10 suggested admission, no one turned away!

Eugene: Friday, April 8 from 8 to 10 PM

Maitreya Buddhist Center, 55 E. Broadway

$10 suggested admission, no one turned away!

Portland: Saturday, April 9 from 7 to 9 PM

Sisters of the Road Café, 133 NW Sixth Avenue

$10 suggested admission, no one turned away!

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