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Socialists and peak oil?

A question to socialists of the answer to peak oil.
Ok so I have been learning and studying oil depleating for a while something that a lot more people are talking about either directly by calling it peak oil or indirectly by getting mad a rising gas prices. My question to socialists is that I beleive many of them think on the same level as capitalists in the sense that they believe that the world is not finite. Now let me just say yes I beleive in peak oil and yes I believe the world is finite. I beilieve that socialism thinks in order to have socialism you must first have capitalism and you must continue to grow then the poor will overthrow the rich and everyone will live in harmony loving to work because they will not be exploited by the rich. The problem is is that we can no longer grow.

Yes i believe that things will be better if you redistribute wealth but it will not solve the problem of the continued growth peridime. Please I am just trying to understand this it is not an attack on anybody.

Thank you

Read "Ishmael" 02.Apr.2011 17:14

A Green

Socialism and capitalism share common roots and present false choices. At a fundamental level, both systems are built on the belief "that the world was made for man and man was meant to rule it."

I'd recommend the book "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn as an introduction to outside the box thinking. We cannot solve our problems from the same mindset that created them.

Socialism is democracy 04.Apr.2011 15:04

Wrench Monkey

Socialism: All stakeholders (all of us) have direct input into policy decisions.

Most people who call themselves "socialists" are anti-democratic authoritarians.

Who among us would vote for our own destruction if we had the power and the information necessary to wield it? Only those with something big to lose would risk the lives of future generations in order to continue Obama-esque policies.