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The Challenge to the Rule of Money

How do we escape a system that's tearing up the world? We say `no', and do things differently
"These are days of rage. Rage in the Arab world, of course, but also on the streets of Athens, Dublin, Rome, Paris, Madrid, and now a loud clamourous rage on the streets of London.

An age of crisis is an age of frustrated hopes, frustrated life. We want to go to university but it is too expensive. We need good healthcare, but we cannot pay for it. We need homes, and we can see homes standing empty, but they are not for us. Or, for the millions of people who are starving: we want to eat, we can see that there is plenty of food for everyone, but something stands between us and the food - money, or the lack of it.

And so we rage. We rage all the more because we do not know what to do with our rage, and how to use our rage to make the world a different place..."

to read John Holloway's article "Today's march is a challenge to the rule of money" published in: The Guardian UK, March 26, 2011, click on


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