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The house party

it occurs to me, party @ 420 triple nickle?
not just any party, the house party (potentially)
a cross between the merry pranksters/yippies/deadheads and the black panthers,
i guess what i'm going for is something along the lines of 'militant psychedlic' although i use that loosely, more like BRC (although not a member) the idea of psychedelic logistics crew. etc. up to you
thinking of starting a new political party as rallying point for new leader/politician/representitives.
in the vien of gratefuldead meets panthers self defense.
i dunno--- maybe you care to pitch in... whaddya say?
fact finding comitteee, think i'lll just run for congress. but it'd be coold to have like a 'club' of hippie/metal/whatever/mutant politicians to collect fundage, run ads... etc..
i know it's a long shot, but these things all start somewhere, portland is a good place to start because we'eve gotten a lot better at practiced self-governazation. aka Autonoumous zones. I would for these skills people around here possess.. (brc I'm looking in your general direction..() to capatilize on these skills and actually build something cool from the ground up
the dead were in the oval office with prez. OB
(rolling stone 2008?)
that's our call.... time to make an entrance debutant-heady folks!!
(sorry i'm at a loss for words right now.. if you get it, well, you get it!)
oh yeah, april first 420 tripple nik.
wear an obnoxious/hat if you have one... (or dont)
if there are a lot of people with obnoxious hats getting drunk (possibly wandering around in a mob) it just might be more fun... justa thought..

Portland's white left in a nutshell 31.Mar.2011 20:12

~ - ~

This is the kind of time that our self absorbed have on their hands.

Either that or April Fools.

Both equal fail.