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Lone Vet Report

War is Failure
Here we go again!
Here we go again!

I was taken back when over 90% of our citizens cheered when we invaded Afghanistan and over 70% supported the war in Iraq. I remember being on the Morrison Bridge in Portland, Oregon and being yelled at by car after car; I was alone but knew I was right about the wars for oil. My sign said " Enough, Lower flags, troops home."

I went to all the demonstrations, wrote letters to my congressmen, signed all the petitions and would be on the bridge each Thursday and sometimes on Fridays. Little by little the cars stopped yelling at me that I was a traitor, after a few months there was an eerie silence and then there was encouragement. Soon others would join me and a woman who was walking across the bridge gave me my nickname, The Lone Vet. It was a scary time from 2001-2005 but exhilarating. I present this narrative because once again I feel many progressives have taken the Kool-Aid and believe we are bombing Libya because we want to defend civilians who have rebelled against Qaddafi. As our President said, "I will not stand by and watch innocent civilians be slaughtered... ."

One of my favorite congressman, the ranking member for the dems on the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Conyers has come out against President Obama's actions in Libya because he shares my concern that Congress did not hold hearings and exercise their power to declare war. The Constitution is very clear when it comes to granting war powers: Article 1, Section 8

" To declare War, grant Letter of Marque and make Rules concerning, Captures on Land and Water... " These powers are given to Congress and not the President. Our Congress are cowards and will always defer to the President when it comes to military action against another country. The last Declaration of War was after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and that was over 69 years ago. Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Afghanistan and Iraq to name but a few, were all fought without a Declaration of War. We have fought in over 100 big and small wars without congress getting their hands dirty, the way it usually works is that the President will request support from the leadership of Congress and the full Congress will supply the money to conduct the wars. Once congress supplies the money to fight the wars, the President can claim that he now has the power to conduct the war or occupation as he sees fit. If things go well Congress will take the credit and if things go badly the President will take the hit. It is Congress who are the cowards here, they can stop the money anytime they want, they can impeach a president who acts on his own, they can call for hearings to have the administration explain what and why we are at war; but they refuse to act.



So, on March 19 President Obama ordered the firing of over 110 missiles at targets throughout Libya and our new war began. We were told this was to secure a no fly zone; taking out the air defenses. Somehow tanks and heavy military equipment got in the way and were also destroyed. The war was in full swing and very few in our congress raised a voice against this action. The cost in lives and treasure will not be known for a time, but we do know this war is illegal, as illegal as the very war candidate Obama said was wrong-Iraq.

Many of the people whom I look to for validation on a position have come out and supported this new war, once again I may be on my bridge alone, with cars yelling at me that I am a traitor, until the truth starts to leak out of what is really happening in Libya. This time, thank the gods, it is not 90% of our citizens who support this action, it is only 47%. I am way ahead of the game already. Soon you will see me on the Hawthorne Bridge with my signs. "War is Failure" "Obama should be impeached" "Where are the protesters" "Senators are cowards" are just some of the things you will see. There are times that many of us should have stood and said more about these wars and occupations, you can spend your time pointing the finger or just join me when I return to our bridges. I will be on the Hawthorne starting each Friday at 4:00 PM until about 5-5:30 (starting this Friday on April fools day) I want you to know that the occupations, torture, and wars continue under our new president who speaks well but acts just like cheney or bush. It will be strange to represent the majority this time around.

There was a resolution passed by unanimous consent in the US Senate, SR 85 on or about March 1, 2011. The normal Hawks led the push, McCain and Little Joe lieberman.


So much for impeachment!

This is why I call the senators, all 100, cowards. They are led by a coward and do cowardly things all the time. The House of Representatives, all 435 of them, are cowards but every once-in-a-while they have a moment to be proud of during their deliberations. I don't trust any of them, but some are better than others. Stop voting for the same people, that is killing this republic.

PS The first lie is uncovered, we do have boots on the ground in Libya.

You're in good company 31.Mar.2011 07:34

Jody Paulson

Cindy Sheehan [  http://cindysheehanssoapbox.blogspot.com/2011/03/war-loving-frauds-by-cindy-sheehan.html#links ] never believed for a moment Obama's "honorable intentions."

I would have liked to, but was confronted with this contradiction:
If we're trying to protect the Libyan people, why are we dropping radioactive waste on them in the form of Depleted Uranium?

"In the first 24 hours of the Libyan attack, US B-2s dropped forty-five 2,000-pound bombs. These massive bombs, along with the Cruise missiles launched from British and French planes and ships, all contained depleted uranium (DU) warheads." -- Depleted uranium: a strange way to protect Libyan civilians [  link to alethonews.wordpress.com ]

Isn't it ironic that at the same moment we're biting our nails about radioactive material coming from Japan we're bombarding the Libyans we want to "help" with the same crap that did this [  http://www.xs4all.nl/~stgvisie/VISIE/extremedeformities.html ] to Iraqi children?

"War Is So Over" 31.Mar.2011 09:12

Code Pink and Lone Vet

These are the ladies who help me decide what is really happening with our foreign policy:
Obama on Libya: George W. Bush 2.0

Posted by Alli -

Wed, Mar 30, 2011

Remind Obama, War Profiteers, War is SO over
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by Medea Benjamin and Charles Davis

His lines may be better delivered, but Barack Obama is sounding - and acting - more like the heir to George W. Bush than the change-maker sold to the public in his award-winning ad campaign. Indeed, when not sending billions of dollars to repressive governments across the globe, the great liberal hope is authorizing deadly drone strikes and military campaigns in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and now, in his most morally righteous war yet, Libya.

Strutting out to a podium before an audience of uniformed military personnel - wonder where he got that idea from - a confident, some would say cocky, American president offered a fierce albeit belated speech justifying another preemptive war against a country that posed no threat to the United States. And if you closed your eyes, you could almost hear that faux-Texas drawl.

Will this happen again?
Will this happen again?
This is Truth
This is Truth
Freeing Libya?
Freeing Libya?