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The Plot To Kill Martin Luther King

James Earl Ray figured out he was the patsy real fast- But the forces that murdered King, and thus the 60's itself, wouldn't rest until the small-time midwestern shoplifter was dead and the case deemed shut. But available evidence proves a massive conspiracy existed, and many of the same players from Dallas '63 were in the game.
In 1968 J.Edgar Hoover had poisoned the already overly paranoid minds of much of the military and intel community with his demonization of Martin Luther King. "Orders To Kill", (1995 Caroll & Graf NY) by author William F. Pepper details the plot to assassinate the civil rights icon. The contract was once again (as with JFK in'63) given to the Mob. The cast includes New Orleans Mob Don Carlos Marcello (of "JFK" movie fame), a family of mob-tied Memphis produce workers, and the owner of "Jim's Grill" which was a sleazy dive bar located directly under the cheap flophouse upstairs where James Earl Ray supposedly fired from. His name was Loyd Jowers and he later claimed often (when drunk) that he "helped kill King". He claimed to have been paid some $100,000 to fulfill the contract on MLK. Many witnesses, including King's chauffer, claimed to have seen gunsmoke rising from the brushy yard directly behind the rooming house/bar just after the shot, and others saw a man with a rifle in the same area, well below Ray's supposed perch upstairs. Jowers later told friends he had been paid also to stash the murder weapon. He claimed to have received it from the shooter immediately after the murder. Somehow Ray was manipulated to rent the room the plotters had designated as the false-flag sniper lair. But like Lee Harvey Oswald, Ray escaped after realizing he was "IT" in this deadly tag game. They tried to murder him several times over the next decade, but he survived. But they refuse him basic jurisprudence and he died denied his day in court. There's also evidence that a US Army Sniper Team was waiting in the wings as a a "backup" in case the hitman messed up the hit. It's a very convincing book and most of the information in it is actually well known among old-school civil rights activists. But history books continue the Ray fairytale and we all honor Kng every year without really delving into what really went down. Like 911, the MSM, TV and magazines and newspapers refuse to do their job, to investigate the truth. Poor America- head in the sand. But the coverup is an ongoing enterprise. The organizations and individuals involved are still around, their families, etc. They want the truth buried.