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Putting the fun between your legs.....bicycle

a new way to encourage bicycle riding & bike fun on a Friday night
x-mas bike party ride 2010
x-mas bike party ride 2010
just want to put out info on a trend that is taking off and showing great success in the bay area of CA.... bike party....which has spurred on more interest in bicycle riding in the non-SF areas called BIKE PARTY. It started in San Jose back in 2009 I think and now has sprouted to an East Bay Bike Party and San Fran Bike Party and we get huge crowds of more than 100 (in San Jose it is about 1,000 every month). The difference between the two CM & BP is in BP the emphasis is on FUN and not making a political message and riders obey the rules of the road and if there are 4 lanes we take up one and stop at stop lights and it is done in a leisure way w/ lots of music from boom boxes and families are joining in and it really does increase our numbers of riders over time. Stops along the way where people can chat and then at the end of the ride sometimes it ends at a brewery where food vendors set up and dancing & music goes on.

for those who miss CM....I understand, but as long as the cops are going to make it repressive to take place then bike party is the way to make bicycle fun on Friday nights a reality : )

homepage: homepage: http://eastbaybikeparty.wordpress.com