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More Morning-After Photos of an A.L.F. Mink Liberation

More FBI photos from the aftermath of an A.L.F. fur farm raid

From Voice of the Voiceless

Last week, Voice of the Voiceless posted anonymously-submitted FBI photos showing a fur farm the morning after an Animal Liberation Front raid. I am posting more photos from the same FBI file, this time of another Utah A.L.F. raid - the 2008 release of 7,000 mink from the Chuck Lodder fur farm in Kaysville, Utah.

These photos were received anonymously. You can see more photos and FBI documents in the upcoming issue of Bite Back (subscribe here).

The photos were taken by the FBI, and used as evidence in the William Viehl / Alex Hall A.L.F. case. They show cut fences, damaged equipment, and freed mink still on the property the morning after the raid. The FBI took these photos to document the "crime scene" after anonymous A.L.F. raiders opened cages and liberated 7,000 mink. No one has ever been charged with the action.

In an upcoming article, I will post a special related document: an account of the morning after this liberation in a local fur farmer's own words.

(click here to view photos)

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