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9.11 investigation

New WTC Building 7 ad is here

With your support, we can inform the public of the 3rd tower that fell on 9/11/01 (not mentioned in the official investigation and never hit by a plane).
We want this ad to be saturating the NYC airwaves one month from now.

Since December we have raised over $75,000. We now need only $25,000 more to launch the second round of TV spots, which will reach another one million viewers and bring us even greater media exposure—the kind of exposure that will ignite widespread discussion of Building 7 and generate enough public pressure to bring about a new investigation.

We are also pleased to announce that "Remember Building 7" is officially the new campaign name that will take us into next phase of our effort.

While "BuildingWhat?" was the perfect articulation of why Building 7's collapse has not been properly investigated, it became clear that we needed "Building 7" to be in the name if we are to reach the point where no one will ever respond with the words, "Building what?", when Building 7 is mentioned.

If you're active on other newsgroups, please let them know too! Let's make this video viral!

homepage: homepage: http://rememberbuilding7.org/