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Support Yemen Struggle against U.S. Puppet Dictator Tyrrant Saleh

The right of center wingnuts who frequent Portland Indymedia have lots to say against the armed struggle against Col. Gaddafi in Libya, but these same posters are strangely silent as to support for the people's revoution against Saleh? Whole world knows Saleh is U.S. puppet. How about it Mr. Bluesy/Me? Is the Yemen revolution legitimate in your "all revolt is a C.I.A. plot" pureism ?
In solidarity with the people of Yemen and their peaceful struggle for change - Michigan USA
PR Releases, by Admin.


Yemen is going through a critical stage and needs the support of the International Community.

Dearborn, MI (February 20th, 2011) This critical stage can lead into chaos and violence that will affect not only Yemen but the region and international community as well. The main threat is caused by President Ali Abdullah Saleh. He has completed his 32nd years in plenary power and faces a popular protests movement which has increased pace in recent days. Youth and students have released their creative energies for change influenced by the youth revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and the peaceful movement in the South. They concentrated their demands on liberty and their needs of economic and security improvement. These young people also uses the same modern means of communication in organizing movement which makes it fast and wide influence of public opinion and able to succeed .

The youth movement and other sectors of society organize every day and aim towards peaceful change by removing Saleh and returning to sound elections. Especially after the President failed in dialogue with the opposition parties and became unable to hold parliamentary elections which override the date made. That would make the country fall within a political vacuum in 27 April 2011 after the last extension of the House of Representatives permitted by the constitution. The President refused to step down quietly and allow political forces to work through transition to accomplish change. On the contrary, Saleh react to the movement with non-peaceful means and will enforce emergency law.

He, also, acts as follows:

1- Threaten to react with violence against any protests which continue to demand change

2- He recently has formed well financed quality military sectors and assigned one of his sons to lead them. In addition, other units of military and security forces are under the command of his sons and nephews.

3- Since the begging of the protests, Saleh imitated Mubarak's regime by funding bullying groups to attack protesters and occupy the public spaces that were declared by the protesters in advance to hold events. The bullying groups have insulted, beaten and injured protesters in an attempt to drag the events to violence and repression. High-ranking officials in the President's Party, members of the economic and security institutions and some of Saleh's relatives brought those bullying groups and funded them publically. Those officials have established special operational rooms where they organize and mobilize bullies to track protesters. They, also, use the same groups of bullies to prevent information reaches domestic and foreign public opinion through intimidation, beating and arresting journalists.

4- Saleh ordered his Ministry of Interior to inform people that they cannot participate in protest demonstrations in order to justify their arrest. Harassing cases and arbitrary arrests have been recorded in Ta'izz, Sana'a, Alhudaidah and in the southern cities. Nevertheless, the protests are continuing and expanding every day.

5- The Yemeni regime has gone beyond Mubarak's by inviting armed tribesmen who live far away from the capital city Sana'a to occupy public spaces where protesters plan to hold their events.

6- President Saleh has been visiting military bases and tribes to prepare them to suppress the protests. Reliable stories assert that the President and his representatives have been trying so hard to convince the military forces and the tribesmen that there were no injustices to people. Therefore, there is no reason for them to protest. Moreover, the protesters are only a few people influenced and organized by outsiders that want to divide Yemen, Arab countries and the Islamic Nation.

7- The Saleh's regime has a confidential relationship with radicals, terrorists and piracy groups and has recruited them to hit Western interests to distract the Westerners from tracking the popular protests calling for change.

8- The use of the special military units and armed extremist groups could lead the country into chaos and civil war like the one lasted from 1962 to 1967 after the revolution allowing President to stay an additional period. This has deepened the suffering Yemeni security and living and doubled the risks of jeopardizing peace, stability and regional and international economic interests in the region.

9- According to well-informed sources the President takes advantage of the regional and territorial conflicts that would trigger negative emotions wars and clashes in a society with arms.

10- According to reliable sources, Yemeni President seeks to entice the regional regimes for funding in order to sabotage the wave of change and narrow it so it doesn't spread beyond Egypt and Tunisia. This will dampen and prolong the process of peaceful change in Yemen and in the region. This is, also, making change more costly to their people and to the entire international community.

Resistance to change and use of violent means to suppress protests would have a serious impact and will exceed Yemen to its regional and international levels. The Yemeni people are members of the international community. They must not be forgotten and left as a prey to this President. The movement of popular support that includes the Yemeni politicians and jurists activists abroad appeals to international community and Mr. | ... ... ... .To exert pressure on President Ali Abdullah Saleh to leave peaceful change process going according to the will of the Yemeni people. That would let the process achieves its objectives of peaceful transfer of power and builds a stable, secure and economically advanced Yemen.

Signatories: Popular support in North America.

enough 27.Mar.2011 15:10


Stop fucking posting crap about other places in the world and focus on doing something here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: " doing something here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " 27.Mar.2011 23:26


refresh our memories, por favor -

what precisely __is__ being "done" or accomplished here?

( last time I checked it's been hot rails to hell since Nov. 5th 1980 )

Education 28.Mar.2011 07:28

Diego Jones

I suggest before supporting any group or policy, educate yourselves first. To the extent that education about far away countries is impossible, stay out of it and understand your opinion is worthless. This goes for governments and people. I further suggest that if you care enough to post your opinion, regarding Libya and any other conflict you know nothing about, you do some research.

The Green Book is a good place to start in regards to Libya if you do actually care. link :