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An Evening of Sheet Fort Village Building!

Friday, April 1st from 5:30 - 8:30pm at 7535 N Chicago Ave.

Join us for an evening of epic sheet fort building! We'll be creating our own little village and then celebrating it together! This event is being organized by Portland's grassroots non-profit City Repair who is in the process of organizing its 11th annual Village Building Convergence. Find out more at vbc.cityrepair.org.
Sheet Fort Village Building
Sheet Fort Village Building
We're excited and grateful that the Swap n Play (swapnplay.org) group up in St. Johns will be hosting the event. The event will be free but donations towards Swap n Play and/or VBC are most appreciated!

Things to bring
Your friends or children
Your pajamas
Your old (but clean) bedsheets (contact  vbcpublicity@cityrepair.org if you can't make it but have sheets to donate!)
Your spare rope, clothespins and binder clips
Your favorite low sugar, kid friendly snacks!

If you have any other questions, contact  vbcpublicity@cityrepair.org


St. Johns Swap n Play (in the Red Sea Church)
7535 N Chicago Ave
Portland, OR

homepage: homepage: http://vbc.cityrepair.org