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Video: Civil Lawsuit Alleging Police Use of Excessive Force at NORCO Jail

Portland Oregon Press Conference regarding civil rights lawsuit filed against NORCOR Jail and guards for forcefully swinging a behind-the-back handcuffed man face first into a concrete wall in an incident caught on video camera.
Press Conference: Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against NORCOR Jail and Guards
In the April 2009 incident in the Dalles Oregon, Mr. Chadwick James Yancey suffered several broken teeth and a broken jaw and is now filing a civil suit because he received no justice from the Justice system.

The video footage detailing this use of excessive force and its aftermath can be viewed at


March 23, 2011 News Release

(Portland, OR?morning)/(The Dalles, OR?afternoon) - A Portland man will file a federal civil rights lawsuit on March 24, 2011, accusing Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facilities (NORCOR) in The Dalles, Oregon and NORCOR officials of using excessive force when corrections officers forcefully swung Mr. Chadwick James Yancey face first into a concrete wall, breaking his teeth and jaw. Yancey was handcuffed behind his back at the time.

Jail officials at first failed to give Yancey dental care despite a doctor's orders. However after 5 days of severe pain, and repeated requests for dental care, the jail allowed Yancey to see a dentist. The dentist informed Yancey that at least three of his front teeth were broken or cracked. During a follow-up dental visit, Yancey learned that his jaw was broken.

Yancey was booked as an inmate at NORCOR on April 9, 2009. Yancey reports, that "While in jail, I was sitting at a table, handcuffed, talking to the Sergeant. This big guard, Jason Wade Matthews, interrupted and began to talk trash to me. He pulled me up and swung me face first into the wall, like I was a baseball bat. Another guard helped. Some of my teeth broke and cracked like a mirror. My neck and shoulder exploded with pain. The guards dragged me off camera and continued to beat me up. The jail wouldn't let me see a dentist for days even though I was in extreme pain, and a doctor told them to.

"I'm in pain to this day. It just isn't right. The guards made fun of me, laughing about pieces of my teeth being stuck in the wall. They told me that they wouldn't get into any trouble, that they 'take care of punks like me everyday' and told me that I was lucky they weren't charging me for damaging the wall with my teeth. It was terrible. "I'm a peaceful person. I was at NORCOR for a probation issue involving medical marijuana. I just don't want them at NORCOR to get away with it or to do it again to others."

Yancey's attorneys state that they are aware of other incidents of abuse of restrained inmates at NORCOR but that Yancey's experience presents a rare case. "Unfortunately, NORCOR seems to have a problem with abusing restrained inmates," states civil rights attorney Kenneth A. Kreuscher. "But Mr. Yancey's case is different. It presents the rare case where the acts of excessive force are clearly captured on video. After the initial 'wall slam' of Mr. Yancey by two NORCOR deputies, the video depicts the deputies dragging Mr. Yancey off camera, where Mr. Yancey reports that he was abused further."

NORCOR is a regional jail with a history of misconduct allegations. In the recent past, NORCOR has been plagued with employee-reported accusations of abuse of restrained inmates, mismanagement, discrimination, and sexual and age harassment of inmates and employees. Despite a district attorney investigation of the complaints, a NORCOR County Commissioners' Board investigation, and repeated employee complaints that blamed Captain Larry Lindhorst (the day-to-day jail supervisor) for creating a hostile and dangerous jail environment, Captain Lindhorst has kept his job.

End of New Release

Following the prepared statement by Yancy and his lawyer, Benjamin Haile, from the Portland Law Collective, a member of the Fire Frashour Campaign, Kathryn Kates offered a few comments regarding the necessity for the Community to stand up to these outrageous actions by law enforcement.