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Howard Dean's Police State of Vermont, Sotomayor and Government Crime

In this non-fiction book preview, a detailed investigation into the police state constructed by Howard Dean and his cronies all with the blessing of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

This Is All Too Real! I Was (Nearly) There At The Time! 24.Mar.2011 18:05


This is just the story of how we got Obama! The above links are a MUST READ!

Howard Dean is truly a worse fascist than Bush.

And it was all covered up by the false flag, tar pit blogs (like Daily Kos). But I knew about it because I lived very near Vermont.

We must confront the false flag progressive conspiracy. People like Obama and John Dean are part of a fascist conspiracy to create a police state. They only pretend to be progressive by constantly mouthing progressive blather that they have no belief in whatsoever.

They do this because they know that certain dark shadowy elements will make them far richer. They feel totally justified in their repression and destruction of the people who vote for them, only because those people deserve what they get for being so easily deceived.

I had friends in the Justice for Woody movement. Woody was a harmless beloved sort of hippie guy. He had a bad time, and held a small knife to his throat in front of the congregation of a nearby Unitarian Church in Brattleboro, VT. Two cops came in and shot Woody repeatedly, unto death. They kept shooting him even after he was bleeding on the floor in a fetal position. In front of 30 of the congregation.

And "progressive" (in mouth only) Governor Howard Dean covered up this blatant homicide. And this was all just prior to his elevation to sainthood by the devious false flag, tar pit blogs (like Daily Kos)!

No wonder we got Barack Obama!

Justice for Woody sites: