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Flashmob Attacks Bank in Solidarity with Seattle and Oly

Flashmob Attacks Bank in Solidarity with Seattle and Oly
On the evening of 03-20-2011 a group of well over a dozen anti-authoritarians converged onto the Hollywood district Key Bank in North East Portland. Rocks and bricks were thrown through its windows, the banks ATM machine was destroyed, and anti-police graffiti was painted across the buildings facade. It should also be noted that this attack was carried out as a police cruiser rolled into the banks parking lot and stood-by unwilling to engage the hostile crowd. The group then dispersed into the surrounding area without any arrests.

These acts of sabotage not only allow us to lash out at the symbols of domination in our lives, but also serve as a means to forge bonds of trust and experience acting with one another.

This was done as a collective act of solidarity with the recent
anti-police resistance in Seattle and against the recent police repression targeting anarchists in the Pugetsound.

-some anarchists on the grey coast