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Demonstrations, government crackdowns in Syria, Morocco

35,000 demonstrate in Rabat, Morocco

UN condemns killing of 4 demonstrators in Daraa, Syria

Several hundred keep up protest pressure in Morocco

RABAT | Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:25pm EDT

(Reuters) - Several hundred teachers marched through Rabat on Monday for better pay a day after one of Morocco's largest anti-government protests in recent decades against corruption and demanding government change.

Monday's protest, which briefly and noisily disrupted traffic in central Rabat, proceeded peacefully, as did wider nationwide protests on Sunday in the North African kingdom.

"This is an open sit-in: we will protest every day until we get our rights," said Aziz Benjloud, who was among a group teachers seeking better pay and benefits. "We are about 5,000 teachers in all Morocco. Today we are about 1,500 people protesting in Rabat and tomorrow other teachers will arrive from other regions."

The Interior Ministry estimated that 35,000 people from all sectors of life marched on Sunday in the capital Rabat, in the country's largest city Casablanca, and elsewhere.



Mar 19, 2011

Syria protest crackdown 'unacceptable': UN

UNITED NATIONS - SYRIA'S harsh crackdown on protests and use of deadly force against demonstrators is 'unacceptable,' UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said on Friday.

Syrian security forces killed four protesters and wounded hundreds in the southern city of Daraa on Friday, rights groups said, as demonstrations erupted across the country in the first major show of discontent under Bashar al-Assad's rule.

'The use of lethal force against peaceful demonstrators and their arbitrary arrests are unacceptable,' said Mr Ban, according his spokesman Martin Nesirky.

Mr Ban 'urges the Syrian authorities to refrain from violence and to abide by their international commitments regarding human rights which guarantee the freedom of opinion and expression, including the freedom of the press and the right to peaceful assembly'.

Mr Ban 'believes that, as elsewhere, it is the responsibility of the government in Syria to listen to the legitimate aspirations of the people and address them through inclusive political dialogue and genuine reforms, not repression', Mr Nesirky said.

The statement came as the United States said it 'strongly condemns the violence that has taken place in Syria,' and called on the Syrian government 'to allow demonstrations to take place peacefully,' said National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor.

Security forces fired live bullets at protesters, killing at least four people, said a human rights activist in Daraa contacted by AFP from Nicosia. -- AFP


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One protester killed, 100 injures in Syria

Monday, 21 March 2011 01:11

Syrian forces have reportedly attacked anti-government protesters in a southwestern city, killing one person and wounding more than 100 others.