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Modern civilization desire for comfort has taken us down a free market road back to slavery.
Modern civilization desire for comfort has taken us down a free market road.

The free market is blind much as a smoker is blind or a baby is blind with regard to the logical outcome of these entities behavior. The latter two entities can be mentored, however the market cannot.

The free market cannot regulate its desire. The psychopathic nature of the corporation is well documented. When states and people derive their income from these agents there is ultimately hell to pay. War and environmental destruction are served up regularly. The churches help aid this with the reluctance to take their peaceful doctrines seriously, support rapid procreation, suppression of females, war, and class hierarchy.

Transfer of wealth to the corporation from the people to fight war and occupation. Demands of war in 1865 as now favor steal, powder, copper, nickel, sugar, clothiers, leather, food producer, weapons... all financed by bankers. And you are assured that god is on your side by the churches.Indeed let these leaders of war live on soldier pay.

State, Church, and Corporation have a lot to be blamed for, but knowing this does nothing to stymie resource depletion and over population. First they come for the left and then the Jews instead of the bankers. Now we have slavery in jails and prisons.
Now the Senate appears to be terrorizing the Muslims. The States are attacking the Unions. The Fed is de-emasculating NPR, Acorn, and entitlements.

You feel lucky if you got a job. You can't organize on the couch. If you're reading this your neighbor maybe feeling similarly worried.

Without a job you do not know how to survive. Without your social security, welfare or UI check its dumpster diving. Collapse is slow like getting old. But with death deterioration is rapid. It is unclear if we are there yet, but we seem to be headed in that direction.