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We don't talk to police, We don't make the peace bond: Feds harrass Olympia anarchists.

So today in Olympia I left my house for a run at about 1:00 PM. I had only gotten two blocks away from my house when i noticed a large white SUV turn out behind me, I didn't think anything of it at the time. However, a few blocks later i was jogging on the left side of the side walk and the large white SUV approached me, driving on the wrong side of the road and very slowly. Through out this whole conversation i continued to be jogging, although I did slow my pace.
The window was rolled down and i heard "Excuse me sir, can i ask you a question". Hearing this I looked up and realized two white men in suits with shaved heads, the passenger was wearing a blue tooth and was using a computer built into the vehicle. So... after seeing this, it was pretty clear who they were. I told them that I was running and wanted to be left alone. They replied stating "Please sir, it will only take a minute of your time". I responded in similar way stating that I was on my run and wanted to be left alone.

Their response was "Mr. First Middle Last"(name), "Mr. Sabot Infoshoppe ( a student group I coordinate), You don't know who your fucking with do you." I responded stating that I didn't know who they were and that I didn't want to talk to them. They responded "Bullshit, you know who we are, we know who you are, you and all your little buddies better cut this shit out".

They then told me that I should get into the car, i said no. They said it again, telling me that I really should get into the car, I told them to fuck off. They then asked me if I have ever seen the inside of a prison cell, because thats where me and all buddies are going and once again said "you better realize who your fucking with". At this point i stopped responding.

He stated very angrily that I need to get my ass in the fucking car right now and commanded at me to "STOP!". I asked him if i was being detained or arrested, there was no response. I continued to jog and he started incessantly shit talking. Saying how me and all my buddies are going to prison, how we're never gonna win, how we need to realize who were fucking with, etc...

At this point I kind of tuned it out because it all blurred together and the convo had been going on for about two blocks. The car then slowed down, which I assumed meant they were going to leave, they did.

The car (still driving on the wrong side of the road) slowed down and made a quick left, I ducked back to try to grab the license plate, but they speed away and then turned abruptly. I believe it was Washington plate, but I can't say for sure whether or not it was a gov't plate, it could have been. I remember it starting with a "0" and then it contained a "3" or "7" and a "9". I realize this isn't helpful, but its what I remember.

So yeah, doesn't take a genius to figure out this is obviously related to the acts of sabotage at the westside police station. They were obviously prying for info, trying to get me into their car and shit.

There was an instance last week where people who were almost definitely officers of agents were seen photographing another anarchist oriented house, this was witnessed by those that live there.

So nothing we don't already know, they are around, they are pissed, and they want to scare us. Just thought i'd share my story. word.

An Anarchist from the 360.