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Radioactive elements land in Seattle

U.W physicist captures radioactive particles.
Reprint of article appearing in Seattle local news.
Minuscule Levels Of Radiation Detected In Wash.

Posted: 12:16 pm PDT March 19, 2011Updated: 2:48 pm PDT March 19, 2011
SEATTLE, Wash. -- A physics lab at the University of Washington set up sensitive radiation equipment to detect radioactive debris from the nuclear plant in Japan.

On Friday, physics professor Hamish Robertson told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News that the equipment detected a clear signal of Iodine 131 and other fission products.

"It is at least a factor of 1,000 times below EPA limits. So, it is not a concern," wrote professor Robertson in an email. "We are continuing to monitor and analyze the data and should have improved results over the weekend."

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