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imperialism & war

Death from Above

You support US aerial bombardment? Think again.
Lots of Libyans civilians will die from a US aerial bombardment, possibly even more than Gaddafi has been able to kill on the ground. I beg all posters to remember that before getting all foamy-mouthed teary-eyed patriotic.

The US government has never (not one single time) since 1776 been militarily involved somewhere to "save lives" and not in vicious self interest.

consistency in foreign policy 19.Mar.2011 05:19


Well, if the US is suddenly gripped with the strong emotion of saving people from being slaughtered by their governments, how about military intervention in Israel, Turkey and Colombia for instance? Is that on the agenda for Tuesday? Ahh, wait a minute, those conflicts have been going on for decades, and the US has been actively funding & arming the murderous governments involved. I briefly forgot that salient fact, maybe you did, too.

The French... 19.Mar.2011 10:18


...will make the first move and save us from having to do it. Protest the French now.

You Nazi Isolationist Gaddafi Heads will Rot in your Ignorance 19.Mar.2011 12:00

Spirit of Emma Goldman

Are all politics the same? Or are you poster/posers just closet fascists against any rebellion? I thank the stars for every bomb that hits Gaddafi's bloody tanks. The U.N. resolution forbids ground troops. Indymedia is home to a nest of conservative "America first" isolationists. EVERY anarchist organiztion in Europe SUPPORTS the no-fly zone.