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Give us your tired & weak
& we'll kick 'em in the teeth then make 'em shine our shoes-
Then once they're bitter & angry,
fulla' pills & powder & booze,
We'll toss 'em in the slammer-
Then once we've sucked 'em good & dry,
right when they're about to die,
we'll fling 'em to the streets
just to keep the cycle goin',
keep the business comin'-

You have the right to remain silent
as we bend you over a ten-foot stump-
You have the right to buy your way out,
clean-out your account,
put-up your house-
Our mentor der Fuhrer ain't got shit on us-
We're the clean-cut guardians of privileged WASP Amoreikkka,
so shiney!
so fast!,
a techno-industrial mutation of the past-

Welcome to the police-$tate,
where everybody's under the gun-
You're either a criminal or a cop-
Either you've lost or we've won-
Don't you feel fortunate to be free to choose?
Submit to the neo-con gestapo then there's no way that you can lose
(except for ypur dignity, your soul, your integrity, your life...)-

Work hard & try!
Say-Have a nice day!
Get that clean-cut look,
just like der Fuhrer,
just like Timothy McVeigh,
then you'll fit-in just fine here in the police-$tate-

Oh say can you see by the smoggy dawn's sickly yellow light
what our nation has become?-
a plodding flock of button-pushing phone-yakking sheep,
mindless TV-propagandized fear-freaks
fleeced by the police
who are funded by the flock to serve & protect...

PLEASE! Don't get caught!-
And if you do,
deny everything!
And remember,
No matter how hard they try to scare you,
You could suffer no worse a fate
than to sell-out & give-in
to the police-$tate


WHAT A STREET-BEAT!!! 19.Mar.2011 18:56


We should march to this on the 7th! Thanx, ghop! Good timing!