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To Save Lybian Civilians we must Bomb Lybian Civilians

If History is a guide the outlook for Libya has worsen
To save the village we must burn the village.

What collateral damage will result when the air defense systems are about among civilians.

I am skeptical of the rubber stamps from NATO and the UN. One thing for sure is that who ever

prevails it won't be the civilians in the country or that. Time will tell.

Death from the sky 19.Mar.2011 05:00


Lots of Libyans civilians will die from a US aerial bombardment, possibly even more than Gaddafi has been able to kill on the ground. I beg all posters to remember that before getting all foamy-mouthed teary-eyed patriotic.

. 19.Mar.2011 13:14


US bombing of Libya using Tomahawk missiles has begun.